Africa Rising

Africa_risingHaven’t read this book by Vijay Mahajan but was very inspired by the author interview (read here). Somebody find me a copy! In the words of the song…

Africa, rise up stand up, this is your moment, this is your time…

I believe!

In the face of the TJRC, yet another commission of inquiry that has little hope of achieving real justice. In the face of the politicking about the Mau, while our taps run dry. In the face of rising crime and unchecked vigilante armies.

Fearless influencers like Megan with ZanaA, Nzilani with Bawa, Kijiji with the Mabadiliko Tour, Mukuria with REFUGE (restoring forests for future generations) and many others… tell a different story. One that’s not yet making the news… but soon will be.

I choose to believe.

Speaking of Africa rising, had a really great weekend in Kampala.

Looking forward to this coming weekend when we celebrate Mavuno’s anniversary. It’s been a great 4 years!

Oh, I’m away this week on a much-needed study break.


11 responses to “Africa Rising

  1. the links below might be of help.the pages are too many(with Vijay being one of them) and there are other interesting reads about Africa and enterprenuership and investment.–ebook-pdf.html

    i liked the example Vivaj gives of Incor in Zimbabwe.success against all political odds.

    Last Saturday i attend Men By Design at Chapel with Ken Wathome and his insights on doing biz in Kenya was very inspiring.makes me want to enjoy the process.

  2. just read it….do you want to borrow my copy? definitely my kind of book. easy to read, intellectual, puts things into perspective and very positive on Africa. also very technical. hes got a practical approach to his proposed solutions. but you have to put on a marketing business hat when wearing it. lots of economic jargon…i needed a ‘business terms for dummies’ when reading it. coming on monday – been a year already. 🙂

  3. Hey Jules, can’t believe you’re finally heading home! Good on you. Can’t wait to download all that good stuff you learnt out there. Would be glad to borrow your book, though if you buy me a copy, I’d even be happier to reimburse it!

    Karibu Nyumbani

  4. ok….just ordered a copy for you online. so it should be delivered on friday. will bring it to you next sunday! see you soon!!

  5. Hi Pastor! This book is not something I would look at twice as something for me to read – I prefer stories 🙂 but I read the Q&A that you had also linked and found it very interesting (especially since he kind of summarized the book).

    But more interesting or a coincidence, I was just researching on some work done by Beacon of Hope and others, and find a blog called Africa Rising –

    Since there’s no such thing as coincidence, I guess I should continue with my reading.

    hope you enjoy your break!

  6. just been to and I find that they have featured a story about Nairobi Chapel’s intervention to feed fleeing IDPs last year during post election violence. the amazing thing about this story is that I was there! My bro, who is a pastor at Nairobi Chapel Ngong road, told us about it and I remember us cooking large pots of Githeri at a house in Karen-best Githeri I ever cooked.

    Another striking thing about Africa rising is that they are working in kenya and Uganda which are Mavuno’s current homes. perhaps we can explore partnering options?

    Great Blog by the way Pastor M, you just haven’t posted in a while. tumemiss

  7. Pst M, (or Kijiji?) while on Africa, is it possible to get the Mavuno Africa song on You Tube. I’ve always felt that this sond should be Africa’s continent anthem! I know people at the AU that I could share the link with.

  8. Opportunity lost?-when i saw your request for who could get you this book i thought it would have been my opportunity to get you something-at least-i would have been honoured.

    So did you get a copy?I could still get you… former boss Catherine Ngahu is featured and she was great

    Anyone else who needs a copy can call this rep from Longman Publishers….Mbugua @0738671875…..

    Bless u

  9. hi my friend. i need africa rising ebook like pdf formait.who can help me to search? i like this book very much. thank you very much

  10. If any freind any those information,please send to my email. i will appreciate you very much.

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