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  1. hii;hw u doin mine is jst 2let u know of wht is going on at the teenz side.1.there is no support been provided 2 us teens i.e the dansers,both alabasta n mist we keep on tryn 2 ask pst Grace 2 support us bt she never listens 2 us as pst B used 2.pasi we have also tryd our best 2 bring the youths 2 teens helpd in teens work bt wht follows is not wht we teens xpect.we have been requestn we b provided a room so as 2 practice bt no 1 ever helped us bt pst Grace wants 2 c us dance bt can never ask of our problems,talents r God given gifts bt if we dont use them who wil suffer ?its us teens.pastor all we asking is do something towards ths issues n if possible u find us a person who is ready 2 hear our problems.n thats every teem recalls of pastor B.pliz we ask u 2 bring change

  2. hallo,
    I got a chance to watch your interview with Mr.wahome and my thinking has been transformed. To honest I had heard anyone speak like that about biz, life and goals but aspect of giving and tithing! that clinched the prize for me.

    3 cheers to you sir!

  3. AHUU!!!

    1. Pst M and my wife conspire to have the entire mizizi season 3 class to sing for me happy birthday( I hadnt remembered it was my bday)
    2.I find myself driving to the retreat late in the evening after being sure I wasnt going to attend, thanks to my classmates who really prayed for my attendance,here I get saved.
    3.I am now addicted to the GT and the feeling is so wonderful.

    I just have to thank the almighty God for all the greatness and as you told me pastor I must agree “THIS IS MY SEASON”.


  4. Pastor m,thanks 4 being my spiritual mentor.l believe u r God sent.u made me realise myself and l thank u cuz everday l yearn to live a purposeful lyfe that is Godly.am nothing without God.

  5. Hi Pastor M, I have had mixed feelings about the Jan series. U nailed it for me 2day. Got married 5years ago but got separated after 1year due to my husband’s infidelity with a woman who was in our wedding party. After the separation, he moved in with her and they now have a child. I got saved after that n I have lived a pure life with lots of setbacks but I have stayed the course. The woman in question comes to Mavuno and I meet with her all the time. Sometimes my husband even drops her in church. Recently, I have felt a need to move on, but how do I when my husband refuses to discuss a divorce? I have learnt many things about marriage and I know enough not to get into an adulterous rship myself but wat do I do? I am in my thirties, too young to live alone 4eva coz of peoples selfishness.I feel angry wen she waltzes into church looking all Holy, lifting her hands in worship while she continues her adulterous ‘come we stay arrangement’ with my husband.There is no prayer for marriages that I havent been part of, so it came as a surprise 2day when U prayed 4 marriages and said ‘It doesnt matter who he’s with right now’……I am bitter. I have been asked out by some1 else and when I told my friends last week, they gathered to fast for me…….I took it as a joke but they were dead serious coz they say I have come too far to give up now………That woman continues to mock me with her friends who also come to Mavuno(Mavuno has transformed my life and I have no intention of leaving), they sneer when I pass and speak in low tones. How do I get past the bitterness, How do I forgive a man who messed up my life (I am raising our son alone), How do I 4give a woman who mocks God every sunday yet continues to walk free with a smirk on her face every time I see her just to show me I am nothing? She is yellow yellow and with great hips to boot, shes in her twenties-next to her, I have no chance with my husband……..I am bitter coz we all act so holy yet in our midst are Jezebels who are breaking people’s homes and messing up the future of children because they want an easy life. My husband is well off and continues to flourish while I wallow in poverty for doing the right thing (He left me without a job-got one though)……It hurts. I question God all the time, but He is God and at the end of it all, He will do whatever He wants. I want to go to heaven, the sermon put a KNOT in my heart. I am torn btw doing the right thing and living. I aint living…….Do U have an answer for me, am I justified to be bitter? I am happier now. I havent forgot. I have tried to forgive but wen I see her, it all rushes back…….Its too much 4 me.

  6. @ Bitter & Confused thanks for your blog post and I am sorry for the pain and injustice that has taken place in your life. Please do me a favour, kindly send me an email wmunyua@gmail.com to take this further. I pray for the Lord to give you peace in this… and yes there is an answer… Jesus Christ. This situation is neither hard nor impossible to sort out for Him.
    Baraka Tele!

  7. Hai pasi,pls pray 4me.im 19 yrs of age n ive bn having a swollen leg since 2007.accor.2doctors reports nothin is wrong with me.they call it lymphoedema n they say al neva hv my leg bac 2normal unles a miracle happens.i cnt wea skirts since my leg hs bn swollen n im alweiz on trousers.ive bn prayin bt God seems silent pls help 2pray with me 4 my healing.i wnt 2b a living testimony of wat God cn do.GOD BLESS.

  8. Dear Pastor M,firstly let me say that the Lord bless you abundantly.Your sermon on WWF really hit me today and i couldnt wait to leave church so that i can come send my blod msg to you. I’m in a situation whereby im really confused and i pray that God will reveal himself and give me an answer. Im the lastborn in a family of 5 siblings and my parents are Saved christians. We are a very happy family but of late i dont understand what has been happening, and this concerns my two elder brothers. When you were talking about the way some families have generational curses, i think mine is one of them. My eldest brother has been having issues and this has basically to do with business transactions going sour which make him end up in the wrong arm of the law. That has been happening for the past couple of years and the amazing thing is that he testifies the Lord as his saviour but he still ends up Conning people of their money, and some of this people are even relatives. My other brother doesnt know what to do with his life as old as he is. He has no job whatsoever and he’s not looking for one. He has a wife and kids who he has to support but the wife ends up doing everything. My parent’s are both retired and have no source of income and i see the way they struggle with life not knowing what life has in store for them. My elder brother has already finished most of my dad’s money which was to sustain him and mum in their sunset years and what terrifies me is that if God was to take both my parent’s away, there will be a situation whereby both my brothers may decide to sell of the property that they have been left for by my parents. i, on the other hand have a well paying job and a lovely wife and i thank the Lord for that. As i went home after church i decided to pray and Ask God not to let this curses get to me and my family. As the last born, my parents basically look up to me and even my elder sisters, but pastor, im truly afraid not knowing what tomorrow’s challenges may bring. Two weeks ago my brother already conned a relative of ours again after confessing that he will never do it again and swore on the holy bible. Pastor, who can i approach with this situation? Im not perfect myself but i surely need God’s intervention in this, i need an answer.

  9. Hello Pastor,

    We were first introduced to your church back in December 08′. I was visiting and I know how my husband longed to belong to a church like yours. We listen to your sermons while we are working. I usually laughing out loud because you always take us back to Nairobi. I don’t even go to church out here, I feel I get ratherly fed by your sermons well when I can pause reflect on what you just said. For me the America is the most isolated place I know. I long to be an Mizizi group. Before I bore you with my feelings of loniless out here, I wanted to ask you about the tithing from the Mystery of giving series.

    I want to start giving to a church but I get fed mostly from your church. So we join a church just to tithe? If we choose your church how can we send money to your church via bank account ( with wiring #’s to).

    Since we don’t go to church, we also educate young high school girls and pay for their tution. Can that count as a our tithe too??

    Thank you for preaching the word of God in the most relevant manner to Kenyans both at home and abroad.


    PS don’t read this email in one of your sermons..

  10. hi Pastor
    im 18 and i got saved about a month ago… im tryna change my life into something Holy and pleasing to God but i dont know anyone my age whose saved. IMAGINE!!! iv joined a lifegroup and i love my fellow Mavunites but i need someone who i can talk to, hang out with… and the other lifegroup members are all older than i am… its a huste for me to live a christian life coz all my palls are on some sort of drug or wanna take me out to party, wanna have sex with me or… i think you get my drift… yani im even scared of telling them that ive given my life to Crist.. HELP!

  11. Hi pastor. I have been a christian all my life as i was born in a christian family and i really didn’t know anything else. then it was all about going to church praying and getting baptized even if i didn’t understand i just did basically coz i was told and was never given a choice. now am older and i have many questions. questions that scare me.
    i have friends who have “lost their faith” and i tried talking to them but they have left me just asking more questions. someone might be reading this and would like to help. if you can give me an emial address where we can talk anonymously. one reason i have not brought this up is because all the people around me who i can ask are soo saved that i think they will be shocked.
    one time pastor M talked about relationship not religion…..i seem more and more drawn to that line of thinking as every time i look around its Christians saying the other religions are wrong yet we never knew Christianity nor English before it came with the colonists….does it mean the people of those days who didn’t know clothes but knew there was a God and they worshiped him in their own ways went to hell?see where am getting lost at?

  12. @confused
    there are many answers to your question “does it mean the people of those days who didn’t know clothes but knew there was a God and they worshiped him in their own ways went to hell?”
    i know at least four responses at the top of my head now.bt coz you’ve been a christian for some time, which teachings have you heard and what do you think?

  13. Hi Pastor M,

    I couldn’t find your most recent blog posts to post this on for some reason so the “about” section will have to do. Just thought I’d share this great video following from your reasons to love Kenya! You’ll especially like the comment at the end that’s a ‘threat’ to the industry. Enjoy!:-)

  14. Hi Pastor,

    Is there such a thing as being with someone and she/he is not the right person for u? A good wife/husband comes from God, so does it mean some are not from God and what does one do when in a situation like this?

  15. Hey Pastor M,

    I enjoy sermons from Mavuno especially now that they’re on YouTube. They really drive the point home…. but I have a question: Why is there use of secular music to drive some points home? Doesn’t this confuse the ‘unreached’ and perhaps even serves to justify those christians who are struggling to detach themselves from worldly music with its vague values? Not forgetting most of those songs, even love songs, highly encourage fornication and such.

    Where do you draw the line when it comes to preaching the word?

    PS: I’m not prejudiced about what you’re trying to achieve, just help me understand.


  16. Hey god,if ur listning to me why ur behaving like dis wid me….afterall I also wish to have love in my life .I also want a boyfriend who will love me more dan he love himself.I want my boyfriend to marry me and keep me happy for lifetime.my all friend had a boyfriend or serious relation ,why I don’t have? Have I commited so much sin dat u don’t evn look at me from up .for u it is like to move ur magical wand bt still ur tkin my exam….y god???? Don’t u love me……

  17. Hi Pastor M.
    I hope this finds you well. I am a mavunite and a big fan of yours. I say that in the most normal and non stalker-ish creepy way possible. 🙂 Well, my former campus mates and I started an investment group one year ago. We have since bought a piece of land in Kisajju. We are now looking into various investment options that will foster our growth. We would really like guidance on becoming a successful chama. I know that you are part of a successful investment group and hence my request; we would really appreciate if you would meet with us or send your group’s chairman or representative or someone experienced in investment groups to have a chat with us on your/their group’s experience and growth so far. This testimonial would go very a long way for us. We’ve been meeting weekly but we may be reaching a stagnation as none of us is experienced in this chama stuff. We would really appreciate the mentorship. Let me know if you can help. Hit me back soon. Thanks a bunch.

  18. Hey Pastor M, may i take this opportunity to appreciate you and the entire Mavuno staff team together with your families for giving yourselves in service. Before God you are responsible for guiding us spiritually and my family and i appreciate your leadership and have taken upon ourselves to pray for you and your families. ‘O gracious Father, thank you for the Mavuno staff teams. May we provide encouragement and support, and may You protect our Pastors from error in both word and actions.’

  19. hey pastor M, you are doing a very good job transforming ordinary people into fearless influencers of society. i watched your interview concerning the teenz connect poster, and you did a great job. the reporters were left in shock, i don’t think they’ve ever interviewed someone who left them speechless, hadi wakaanza kurudia the same questions they had asked. im glad God brought you to this point, and i believe He will make His name known in the most strangest of ways. Romans 9:17

  20. Hi pastor M. Bana asifiwe. I am a huge fan of how God has used you a fearless influencer to influence people and mentor them to become like you. To God be the glory. My name is Kim, a man aged 27 years old. I live in Balozi south B. I see how you have been married for around 20 years now and I am in absolute awe. I myself have engaged my fiancée. I did so last year December and are looking forward to getting married in December this year. Unfortunately she has lost trust in me because she feels I cannot lead her enough to become the head of the household. This is because my parents changed some aspects of the ruracio proceedings and I seemed to be ok with it and I seemed to just let it happen. I have talked to my folks about it and for me as a last born they are usually a bit rigid to listen to my ideas. Just a bit not entirely. The issue is magnified in this case because according to the kikuyu custom the ruracio proceedings are usually run by the parents and not the couple. I know this is just a tip of the iceberg and isn’t the entire story but the issue is that my girl, the woman I love with all my heart, the apple of my eye, my queen, feels like she can’t trust me and what once looked like a lifetime of joy regardless of life’s hurdles because she’d be by my side doesn’t even look like it will reach day 1. I am so stressed pastor. As we speak we have just come from the former mavuno church at Bellevue. We were unaware that it had moved and all Glory to God for bringing that dream and vision to a reality. There we met Pastor Rachel, a Ndoa facilitator who was able to counsel us and refer us to a marriage counselor. This will take place from Tuesday. I am phlegmatic and my girl is choleric. She feels that I am not assertive and I have let my folks interfere in this and basically it is a sign of things to come. I would be devastated if I lost my Evelyn. Her name is Evelyn Njeri by the way. I love her and I honestly think she still does but not enough to see a future with me. The only reason I’m writing on your blog is coz I tried looking for your email contacts but couldn’t. Thanks for listening. I really look forward to hearing from you. Even an encouragement would be good. Thanks and God bless you.

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