Monkey Wisdom

I shared this story in my message this Sunday entitled ‘Free Your Heart’.

In Southeast Asia many years ago they came up with this ingenious and simple method to catch monkeys alive and unharmed. The hunter takes a pot with a wide bottom and narrow opening and buries it in the ground so that the opening of the pot is just above the ground. In the pot the hunter places pieces of fruit or nuts. The smell of food soon attracts a monkey. The monkey naturally reaches into the narrow opening of the pot to grab hold of the treat. But as it attempts to remove its hand, it finds it is impossible to free its hand so long as it’s holding on to something else. The monkey will stand there screaming, firmly clutching on to the food for hours! Eventually, the hunter returns and throws a net over it. Even as it sees the hunter approaching, the money holds on tightly to the food, unwilling to let go, until it’s too late…

Please note: There is no middle ground. Money is either a tool that will help you serve God and achieve His purpose OR a trap that will destroy you! The most important thing you can do when it comes to money is free your heart! (Matthew 6:24)

So, do you tend to be a hoarder, a spender or an avoider? What are some of the things you have practiced that have helped you free your heart?


One response to “Monkey Wisdom

  1. Its interesting that even the Bushmen use the same method to trap monkeys in order to feed them on salt so that in turn they become dehydrated and eventually lead the bushmen to sources of water..

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