Do You Work Hard Or Smart?

muddy roadOne of our greatest strengths as Kenyans is that we are very adaptable. When the going get tough, we adapt! If the potholed road outside your house is muddy, you buy gumboots and pray for the day you’ll own a car! But this adaptability can also be a great weakness. It keeps us from constantly questioning the way things are and from building systems to help us change our reality.

As a child, I remember my dad remarking after a trip to the US that he thought Americans were very lazy. The reason was that they were always creating machines and systems to keep them from working hard! His background had taught him the value of working hard but not of working smart.  Not to be too had on my old man though because my own generation is not that different! A while back, I visited a German friend who lives on the outskirts of Nairobi. I was fascinated to discover that he had created his own electricity supply from damming a nearby river and created solar panels from local materials. In addition, his water supply was entirely from trapping all the rainwater from his roof into huge tanks!

rainwater harvestingThe reality is that none of that is rocket science. But while many of us pray for rain; we have little ability to store it when it comes. As a result, while my friend’s home city of Berlin only gets sixty five percent of Nairobi’s rainfall, no one worries about rain there; they never have droughts or power shortages because they have systems to use the little they get efficiently!

One of the reasons why we adapt to difficulty rather than create systems is because we feel we don’t have the time. I mean who has time to find out where the ward office is or how much CDF money has been set aside for roads in our area? But by creating our little private solutions, we fail to provide effective solutions for ourselves and those around us.

A second reason we prefer to adapt to difficulty is because of the benefits of inefficiency. If you write down your current job into manuals so that anyone can do it, people may no longer think you’re a genius! If you train others to run your company, people might no longer think you’re indispensable! Many working moms don’t have systems to help them manage their housework and kids. As a result, they’re always tired and even the time they spend with their kids is not pleasant. But the result is a martyr feeling – ‘I’m suffering for my kids’. Not having systems carries it’s own subtle reward!

The good book in Hosea 4:6 says ‘my people perish for lack of knowledge’. Note that it says knowledge not prayer! Investing in systems means that we stop bothering God with things we can do for ourselves and turn our prayers to the things that really count. As a friend once told me, God gave us a brain so that we can give Him a break!

What are the areas in your life that are sorely lacking in systems? What can you do this week to start working smart?

lack of knowledge


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