An Easter Story

FatherThe touching story in one of our dailies of a girl reconciled with her father was a welcome relief from all the angst caused by our political situation. The short version is that 21-year old Loureen Wafula had set out on a quest to find her father, who had become estranged with her mother after she was born. Her mom died in 2010 and after a yearlong fruitless search for her missing dad, she wrote her plaintive story on March 13th in the same paper in a desperate attempt to find him.

Against all odds, a couple of people who read her story actually knew her dad, and what followed barely a week later was the stuff marshy movies are made off as she finally met and was accepted by the father she had longed for as long as she could remember. Sample her dad’s words, “We were all so anxious and eager to see her. The distance felt longer than it should have been, and we wondered when she’d arrive”. And “I thought I would never see my daughter again.” And “I am glad that finally, I have found my girl. I cannot trade this joy for anything.”

What a great story! And how appropriate for this Easter season… You see, Easter is not about a child looking for their lost father but for a Father looking for a lost child. It’s about a Father who was desperate enough in his quest that he put aside all dignity and gave up everything he owned, in order to find his beloved. But the Easter story only finds resolution when the missing child get’s to know of and accepts the love of the Father who has longed for relationship with him/her ever since the day they were born.

This Easter, your Father is looking for you. Come home.


3 responses to “An Easter Story

  1. Pastor M. I read this story when Nafula was looking for her dad and i was really touched. Actually i remember i shed a tear and wished she could get her dad. When i read again they have met i was so excited i felt like me. Today again it is in the papers and i cant stop reading it coz it is such a sweet story to read. You have now made me feel what the Love the Lord has for me by bringing His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for me coz of the LOVE he has for me. Passie thanks for this link because i was not seeing it beyond the normal eyes of seeing an earthly father showing such kind of LOVE! What about my heavenly FATHER! How much more LOVE did he show me for loving me this much! Thanks my spiritual dad you have opened my eyes to see beyond my normal eyes! God bless you!

  2. This is beautiful – THANK YOU!

      Father, may the focus of our lives never disrupt our ability to see others with the same eyes that Jesus sees them. Grant us Your heart. May we yearn to introduce others to You.

    If you look through the eyes of Jesus, you’ll see a needy world.


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