Africa’s Century

AfricaIn the 1990’s I met a wise man named James J. Mageria who passionately believed and taught that the 21st Century would be Africa’s century, and that it would be completely God’s doing. At the time, what he said sounded impossible – like the dreams of a crazy prophet! God used his words to shape my thinking and my future direction however, including my passion to change Africa, one person at a time.

Today, it doesn’t sound impossible any more! Check out this great article in this January’s edition of ‘African Business’.

Our national polls in the next 3 days are not just about us! They are part of what God is doing on this great continent. So vote with your conscience and leave the rest to God!


One response to “Africa’s Century

  1. I heard Dr. Mageria give that talk titled “Africa: the continent of the 21st Century” a conference for African students held in Harare in 1995. Apart from the nice title, I can’t say that I grasped the implications of what he was talking about. That man spoke prophetically. Na bado…

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