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“So do I vote for the candidate my conscience tells me would make the best president or will that be ‘wasting my vote’? What if voting for the best candidate splits the vote and allows a terrible one to win? Shouldn’t I go with the lesser evil?” A provocative series of questions passionately put to me by a really good friend and protégé a coupe of days ago!

My take? That’s a great question!’ [That’s what I normally tell people when I don’t have anything useful to say :-)] The next day however, I was sufficiently composed to give my friend a call and share some thoughts that I have personally found helpful. I hope you do too! Here’s what I told her…

1. I am not God. At the end of the day, God holds this nation/city in His hand. I believe that Kenya will still continue to be a great nation post Mon 4th 2013 and that whoever wins the elections, God will still be on the job (his post is fortunately not up for elections!) And the best part is – God is able to bless this nation and city regardless of who’s in charge!

2. I have been praying for a good president, governor etc. If I have found someone who I believe matches this criteria but now choose to vote for ‘a lesser evil’ to avoid a candidate I detest from winning, won’t that be countering my own prayers?

3. Even if I vote for the candidate I perceive as good and they lose, my vote might encourage them to not give up but to try again in the next elections. OR it might win them some influence in the next government. May the many good people running for office this year not lose hope and feel politics is only for the corrupt because of how I voted!

4. The only thing I have control over is my vote and ultimately my conscience. I want to be able to live with my choice and to say one day to my children that I voted, and that I voted for what I believed was the ‘good’, and not for the ‘lesser evil’

5. If my candidate wins, I will be elated. If they lose, I will be disappointed. But I will commit to support and help whoever wins, regardless of my initial feelings towards them, because they are now the God-appointed governing authority over me. After all, if they do well and succeed, so will this nation/city – and so will I!

6. I’m so glad this is the problem we are facing as Kenyans today. It’s what one of my mentors used to call ‘a good problem’. Freedom to choose our national leaders, good or bad, is a dream our forefathers gave their lives for. We’re blessed to be alive to make these difficult choices!

May God bless us all as we prepare to cast our votes in the next few days. Remember at the end of the day, we are ONE NATION, and that we are STRONGER TOGETHER.


16 responses to “One Nation

  1. My take: As long as I am voting for a human being, I am always voting for “some” evil. And yes, whichever leader I choose “with my conscience”, it will be because he is a lesser evil (okay, he is better) compared to others. It will not be because he is perfect intrinsically. I guess the question is, what other factors do I need to consider, since “voting for a lesser evil” is inevitable?

    Developing thoughts as I make my final decision.

  2. This post has encapsulated many of my thoughts. Will definitely be voting for the candidates I believe are best for my beloved country. Whether they win or not is irrelevant.

  3. PST M, you spot on about authority and power coming from the Sovereign Lord-isn’t he the one who promotes one and brings one down?(ps 75:6)

    my feeling is, pragmatism will carry the day-probably forcing you to choose the ‘lesser evil’, particularly if there’s a run off.
    you will have made your point, at a cost of 6.5B.
    like people, maybe countries start walking like babies do..standing, falling, walking, then running. we can’t expect instant growth

  4. I could not agree more! My vote is for my conscience and sincere evaluation of the best person for the job not because it is for a ‘ better evil’

  5. Agreed an many levels. However, I think that not only will God “still be on the job” after the 4th, but that our next President will be Pres specifically BECAUSE God is on the job. That not only is God able to “bless this nation and city regardless of who’s in charge”, but that the election outcome ahead IS the demonstration that God alone appoints and deposes kings and Presidents; though with our limited human minds we can little understand the totality of Gods ways.

  6. God chose the Israelites as His people and used them to bring the gentiles into the fold.The Israelites by then looked down upon the gentiles without trusting the Lord at His plans. But all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called for His purpose. We are(me included) quick to judge and consider ourselves better without considering and/or seeking Gods leading to His purpose. ANSWER: Seek and trust God first before jumping into conclusions. Or still at least go back to Him for correction or confirmation after. It is never about us but Him and whatever He does is always for good. He always wins for us, so when tempted to be self (which is more often than not) remember that what matters and connects to Him is living by faith in Him and not the situation we face. Shalom – victory over human mediocrity.

  7. Great piece. Kindly make amends on the dates…14th 2013. I think it’s supposed to read 4th 2013……

  8. I concour with your sentiments, most voters have been grambling with this issue. If most of them would vote for their prefered candidate they would b suprised he/she wins.

  9. Quite a provocative thought, just make sure you vote with your conscience for that is what is right. let us not allow our leaders to auction us to the highest bidder simp because of geograghical accidents, yet after 4 th they wil treat us like dimwits. At least even if the best person doesnt win, you will say you tried.

  10. This is anice message of wisdom.May God give us His best leader that will unite us al as kenyans

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