Heard a story from Pst Richard Chogo about a couple from Mavuno Mashariki who chose to defy swag. This is their story…

After hearing a Jubilee sermon last year which recommended radical simplicity and radical sharing as the true spirit of Jubilee, it dawned on this couple that they could radically simplify their lives and free up money for investing and also supporting God’s work.

They decided to move from their rented house in one of the nicest estates in Eastlands (Jacaranda) where rent was 30k a month to their 1/8 acre plot in Utawala where they used to rear chicken! They extended their chicken banda to create 2 rooms and a small sitting room, and also dug a pit latrine in time to move out in early Dec (even before piped water or electricity were connected)! Their move was extremely radical given that the wife was expecting a baby in December.

When Pst Richard visited the couple in early January, they were extremely joyful despite the inconveniences because the money they were saving on rent would allow them to develop their house without a loan. By this time, God had blessed them with a healthy baby boy, and by a miracle, the power company had fast tracked their connection!

Too radical? Maybe! But you’ve got to live like no one else today in order to be like no one else tomorrow! What would it take for you to #DefySwag and position yourself to radically occupy in 2013?

Edit: For context, check out the Occupy Economically sermon here


3 responses to “#DefySwag

  1. Great article but the closing statement is somewhat ironical “DefySwag and position yourself to radically occupy in 2013”. What is the motivation for defying swag – is it not the biblical call to simplicity? Or what do you mean by ‘occupy’?

  2. @Vic, thanks for pointing out the need for context! Please follow the link at the bottom of the article to understand what I mean by occupy.

  3. On the subject of swag maybe unrelated but here it is..
    What is your opinion of women like beyonce
    President Obama and Michele named her a role model for their girls
    And women everywhere are aware that she is able to receive all she has because she has marketed herself in a sort of way that is not of Godly character even if she says she is a Christian.
    Basically this is not a question about beyonce but about swag when it comes to women.
    Women have learnt that throughout the years that attention to certain areas by looking a sort of way gets you more than being what God may want her to be.
    Is their any loss in spending soo much time trying to bring glory to ourselves especially when there are man examples of those who seem to be doing this doing well and being happy and praised for it e.g. Queen beyonce.
    what is your take on this kind of ‘swag’

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