Five Qualities Of A True Leader

leaderPastor Simon Mbevi spoke this last September at Mavuno Church about the kind of qualities that true leaders must display. The ‘5 C’s’ he highlighted are…

1. Conciliatory – a peacemaker who builds unity
2. Caring – willing to sacrifice own needs for the people
3. Character – one who is committed to what is just and right
4. Competent – has a record of getting the job done well
5. Compelling Vision – a clearly articulated picture of what they will do for the people

He challenged the congregation in the upcoming elections not to vote for a leader because he/she is their friend, comes from their ethnic group or is wealthy but to vote for leaders who show these qualities.

He then asked the congregation to vote for such leaders EVEN IF THEY DID NOT LOOK LIKELY TO WIN.“What if he or she does not win?” You may ask. Vote for what is right, that makes you a winner even if your candidate does not win.”

Who are you planning to vote for in the forthcoming elections? Real honest now – are they the candidate that best displays the 5 Cs?


2 responses to “Five Qualities Of A True Leader

  1. These 5Cs are crucial as we consider who our leaders in Kenya are, in preparation for the 2013 elections, but also going forward in all elective and appointed positions. For those who take on national representation, they will inevitably be affected by and hopefully positively contribute to the geopolitics of the international community. For such leaders, an additional C relating to their Connective capacity is necessary. This last C is not as elegant in sound as the 5Cs Pastor Simon Mbevi speaks of, but it is vital for the continued enjoyment and promotion of Kenya’s status and perspectives in the continent and the world at large. Such leaders (and this is not exclusive to the Presidency but applies to all national positions and in all arms of government) should have the capacity to effectively articulate and advocate for the Kenyan perspective on global issues in true reflection of the Kenyan people.

  2. Great leadership needs great leaders and Pastor Mbevi does a wonderful job describing such men and women. However, leadership is a process that involves more than leaders. Good leadership demands positive dynamics of mutual interaction between leaders AND followers AND situations. Good leading requires more than initiating. Leaders must also respond well to the input of followers and the demands of changing situations

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