My City

Been a while since I was last here! Blame it on my sabbatical 🙂

I finally watched ‘Nairobi Half-Life’. Just in case you’re one of those few who like me have held out this long, I suggest you find a way to watch it soon. Highly recommended! What struck me the most is the amazing contrast of lifestyles between rich and poor in our city and the fact that despite the uneven playing field, everyone in this city – regardless of their social status – wants to succeed.

Pastor Linda Adolwa this month at Mavuno Church is doing an important series about the kind of leadership Nairobi leads (she strongly urged the congregation to watch the movie). The role of governor under the new constitution will be a powerful one and this is make or break time because in her words, ‘we get exactly the kind of leadership we tolerate‘. This last week she added, ‘what makes a good (governor) is not their personality but their character‘.  Pastor Simon Mbevi a couple of months ago also taught us in a different series about the 5Cs of great leadership.

I believe Nairobi (as with every other Kenyan city) can be a city of justice, equity, peace, respect for the law and generally of great beauty. I believe it can be a city where every hard-working law-abiding person has the opportunity to live in dignity and to provide adequately for themselves and their family. It’s so critical that we get this as we approach the elections… 1. you MUST register to vote; there is no place for indifference! And 2. don’t vote for a leader because they have a reasonable chance of winning, they seem popular or because others around you think they’re okay. Examine their record for consistency. Pray for wisdom. And then vote with your conscience – even if the person seems to have little chance of winning!

So… who are those leaders of character out there?

If you’re a ‘Nairobian’ and you love this city, don’t be indifferent.


Speaking about Nairobi, and on a lighter note, I recently came across a great article recently by Mark Wiens – ‘101 Things To Do In Nairobi‘. Have enjoyed many of them and still discovering others. My favorites include #18 (grilled maize), 22 (stoney tangawizi), 28 (kenmart), 42 (diamond plaza), 75 (the Nairobi Chapel). What are yours?


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