Excerpts From ‘Be The One’

Here are some excerpts from this past weekend’s message at Mavuno Church, ‘Be The One’. You can join the conversation at www.mavuno.wordpress.com. And you’re welcome to join us for part two of the ‘Finders Keepers’ series this next weekend!

  • Whether conscious or unconscious, we all come to relationships with a list of expectations.
  • There’s a big problem with our mate selection criteria today.
  • Sometimes the bible has more drama than a Mexican soap-opera!
  • Humans perform differently under test conditions than they do in real life.
  • If you operate by that external focus, then your only choice once you finally meet the person of your dreams is manipulation.
  • Looking for a Mr/Ms Right to satisfy your needs is transfering the responsibility for our joy/significance/happiness/self esteem to another person. But this is a burden we should never assign to another human being because they’re bound to disappoint!
  • Stop the insanity! Shift your focus! It’s only when we turn to God that He helps us to become the person we were meant to be.
  • Clingy, desperate women tend to attract uncaring, insensitive men… and vice versa!
  • Like attracts like. A relationship only compounds the state it found you in! Lose the list, you are your own best list… you’ll only attract people who are like you.
  • Unhealthy people attract other unhealthy people, with complimentary dysfunctions.
  • Stop searching for the One, be the One.
  • Only a whole person can attract another whole person.

6 responses to “Excerpts From ‘Be The One’

  1. …..not really about the Feb message but with regard to the church development plan. Pastor M, God’s plan is never early nor late. Been watching the clips for VISION 2030, actually the Konza City. I believe Nairobi is moving to Mavoko, its great for Mavuno to be part of the move.

  2. Sunday’s message was an eye-opener to me, especially wrt “dealbreakers” – why we cling on to relationships that clearly have no future!!! Further, to acknowledge a spouse as needing to have shared values ESP with matters of faith and passion was a God-sent revelation. God bless you pastor, I look forward to my next visit.

  3. I am a 60 yr old lady who likes attending your summons. Much as i am probably the only other person in that age range, i enjoy your talks quite a lot especially the Finders keepers.. that was awesome. I do not know how to get you address the issue of so many young people who otherwise want to get connected but are afraid due to their health status in particular, HIV/AIDS. what forum/talk could you have for this group of young people.

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