In Pursuit of Joy!

The word ‘joy’ is very different from the word ‘happiness’. Happiness is defined as ‘a state of well-being and contentment based on good fortune’. In other words, happiness is dependent on outward circumstances. Joy, on the other hand, is the inner security that comes from knowing that God has the final word!

There’s more!

Happiness is an emotional response. Joy is a state of being.

Happiness springs up from the things we have; joy comes from God who has us.

Happiness is temporary; joy is lasting.

Happiness is unpredictable, but joy is constant as long as we trust in God.

Happiness covers up discouragement, but joy overcomes discouragement.

Happiness is a thermometer that changes based on the environment around us. Joy is a thermostat with which we regulate the effect of the environment around us.

Happiness is good to have, but joy is essential!

May God’s joy be your strength in 2012


2 responses to “In Pursuit of Joy!

  1. I just lost two deals this morning, one through malice, the other one is not looking good. The funny thing is I have such joy and peace; it’s like God is telling me they were not from Him. And then Jeremiah 29:11-12 keeps coming up in my mind, so I concur that there’s a difference between joy and happiness because right now my heart is just filled with the spirit of worship. Somehow I’m finding this amusing because I know whom I have believed and I know He is still more than able. Be blessed.

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