What’s Your Money Style?

Your Money Style Quiz

1. Circle the answer that BEST describes you. Only circle one answer per question
2. Please note that this is a self-evaluation quiz. You will not need to share your answers with someone else. So… please keep it real and be as truthful as possible!

Okay… here goes…

1. You’re out shopping for clothes when you spot the perfect outfit. It suits you to a T! Only one problem: It’s way out of your budget. What do you do?
a. Buy it before your conscience says no. Plastic is power!
b. Mutter under your breath about the shop’s outrageous prices and wait for the outfit to go on sale.
c. Buy it, agonize over your purchase all night long, and then take them back the next day.

2. Good news arrived in today’s mail! Your previous employer discovered they had not paid you benefits and bonuses amounting to 1M Ksh and want you to collect it immediately! You:
a. Tithe 10%, invest 10% and then start booking your vacation to that place you’ve always wanted to go.
b. Tithe 10%, buy a nice outfit and invest the whole amount in your retirement investment plan.
c. Tithe 10%, but a nice outfit and use the rest to pay your outstanding bills.

3. When it comes to saving money, you:
a. Can’t do it to save your soul.
b. Have set up a system that works for you.
c. Make (and break) a new savings plan & budget every so often.

4. Money-wise, what would you advise your lady friend to look for in a mate?
a. . A stable income and a conservative investment style.
b. A hot car in his driveway and a lot of shiny plastic in his wallet.
c. A lack of concern for material things.

5. Your worst money problem is your:
a. Lack of financial education.
b. Shopaholic tendencies.
c. Procrastination.

6. Your worst fear about money is:
a. Being awakened by the sound of creditors underneath your bedroom window, baying for blood.
b. Political violence or global instability leading to a stock and real estate market crash that reduces your net worth by 90 percent.
c. Realizing that you are 55 and don’t have enough assets to support your retirement.

7. If asked how much is in your bank account right now, you’d say:
a. “Do you want me to include the outstanding checks not yet posted to the account?”
b. “I’m not sure of the exact balance.”
c. “I hope I didn’t bounce any checks this week.”

8. When you get your bank statement or investment summary, you:
a. Check it over very carefully.
b. Give up trying to figure it out after a few minutes.
c. Toss it in a drawer and assume the company must be right.

9. A quality that you admire in yourself is:
a. Punctuality-you’re always on time.
b. Spirituality-you’re not into the money thing like so many others
c. Vivacity-you’re the life of the party.

10. The major reason you haven’t made us much through investments as you should have by now is:
a. You’re too cautious. You miss out on great investments because you don’t want to take a risk.
b. You spend it. You keep buying things you don’t really need.
c. You’ve been a bit too busy to follow up on investment opportunities.

ANSWER KEY 1. In the chart below, circle the letter (H, A, or S) to which each of your answers corresponds E.g. if your answer was 1c, then circle the letter A in the chart.

1. S H A
2. S H A
3. S H A
4. H S A
5. A S H
6. S H A
7. H S A
8. H A S
9. H A S
10. H S A

2. Then count the number of circles for each type and fill in the blanks next to each type.

H ___ A ___ S ___

If your highest score is 7 or more of a particular letter, then that letter is your predominant money type
Please note that if your highest score is 6,5 or 4, then you are predominantly an A
I’ve discovered that many who are predominantly S will score this test in a way that will tend to disguise their natural tendency 🙂

Once you’ve determined which type you are, then check here to learn more about the challenges a person with your money style faces! I’d love to know what you thought of the Sunday message so please be sure to leave your comments here.

(Idea adapted from a similar quiz in the book ‘It’s More Than Money – It’s Your Life: The New Money Club for Women’)


9 responses to “What’s Your Money Style?

  1. @ Martin, please follow the link @ the bottom & you’ll find a transcript of the message that defines what the letters stand for!

  2. Thanks, LOL Kenyans never follow instructions 🙂
    None of the four attributes are desirable, its a loss-loss quize 😦

  3. Hi my name is Pauline. Forgive me for going off topic but i need to get all the prayer that i can on behalf of my mother. I am a Mavunite and Pastor Linda would skin me for saying that i do not belong to a life group, but my mother has been suffering with parkinsons for the last 5 years and this is a progressive disease that pretty much robs you of even your dignity. We are praying for healing and protection over her life that every intention of the devil may be cancelled and defeated in the Name of Jesus.

    Thanks and God Bless

  4. Hi Pastor M,
    It seems the link to the ‘answers’ to the quiz are missing? could you please post them here?

  5. Pastor M,
    Thank you for interviewing Kevin(?) (Groove guy) and this amazing series-its great to follow it on youtube…Wow. I was in the first group of those you prayed for..I know my assignments and ever since I started following 2 of them,,blessings/favor of all sorts are following me.

    I was also part of the other group of those who are scared as there is a third assignment am scared to embark on… then a friend had just asked me what am waiting for to get married and i said i need to have enough money…after phone call i tuned into your sermon and got challenged…This series is LOADED…

    How do you think I can access Mizizi books? I just had lunch with a friend and when discussion about money came up,I mentioned some points of your message…then went on to talk about Mavuno and Mizizi…..now this friend asked for Mizizi book,hence my question above….

    I am all ears..Keep teaching us-we are many who are hungry for these kinds of challenging messages..God bless you and your family always…

    d. (Melbourne).

  6. gosh I’m STILL a big time hoarder!I think memories of lack and not having financial security in my late teens/early adulthood have left an indelible fear in me. I need deliverance!!!

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