Foods I Didn’t Try

I mentioned in my last post the astonishing variety of foods in China. Someone told me a legend that explains why the Chinese have such a huge assortment of food options. An ancient Chinese emperor apparently gathered the chefs in the kingdom and asked them to make him meals for 1000 days. The only catch was that they couldn’t repeat any of the dishes if they wanted to stay alive! This greatly taxed their creativity and resulted in the great range of culinary options.

I typically am pretty adventurous with food and had a great time sampling different foods in China. But even I have limits! Here are some of the foods I opted to pass on 🙂


assorted beetles

random crustaceans

silkworm pupae


sea urchins


6 responses to “Foods I Didn’t Try

  1. Wow! No wonder they are food secure.
    In Kenya, it’s hard for some communities to even eat ndengus as they are not familiar with these. Sembuze these foods?

  2. Ok, just got back from Addis and looking at the menu above I feel like a woos! This beats Ethiopian “Kitfor” any day! Considering the Chinese options I might just “trying the raw meat” next time I go up North…

  3. *gags* And I thought I was adventurous because I love sushi!
    Vavz is spot on though – with a population that size, maybe you can’t be too picky about your food!

  4. Dear Pastor M,

    I thank God when I see the progress we are making at Mavuno, I am a mavinite and accepted christ as my personal saviour in 2010 March while taking my Mizizi class. I will always be grateful to the mavuno team put in place to facilitate the various classes that the church offers.

    After completing the mizizi classes people are put in smaller Life Groups which to me is very important, the people are then left on their own and most of the time the small groups fall apart.

    In my own view I wish to suggest that since this are young christians trying to walk it would be prudent if the LG’s are assigned someone who is mature in their christian walk to help them journey through their faith and only be left alone when they are strong enough to walk for them to be able to mentor other christians.

    The idea of people being left alone to walk is not very practicle.

    I also suggest that the women ministry be made active where we can also have single mothers contributing to the church.

    It is sad to know that getting an appointment with you is very difficult, I know that you are a very busy Pastor but still believe that one could always get an appointment with their Senior Pastor however busy he is it could always be scheduled.

    I want not only to see Mavuno grow in numbers but also in their walk with christ because that is the main agenda of the church naturing souls. The congregation has a hunger for the word and as much as we have our minds preached to we also need to have our souls preached to.

    God bless you and thank you.

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