The Big C

Been a while since I blogged! I needed to exhale after coming back from my trip and smack into a pretty busy couple of weeks!

So, what can i say about China? It was an amazing experience…. huge population, amazing history, astonishing variety of foods (many delicious and some I couldn’t bring myself to try), it was like nowhere I have been before! One of the countries I had to visit before I die, along with Israel, Singapore, Brazil and Australia (by God’s grace, I’ve been to all except the latter two).

I’ll try and post up some pics (no promises!) but meanwhile, I had the awesome privilege of speaking in one of the larger churches in the capital city (how that happened was quite a miraculous story), and here’s a transcript of that message as well as some pics of the service.


5 responses to “The Big C

  1. Selah!! Now when God blesses you with a Pastor like Pastor M, what do you say now? Eh! I am deeply humbled with always learning from you Sir. I do. My Pastor my friend. Regards,

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