Singapore Hosts

We’ve had a chance to connect with several churches so far. Most of the time has been spent with our hosts, Living Sanctuary Brethren Church (LSBC). More gracious and hospitable people I have scarcely met! LSBC has a developing partnership with Kileleshwa Covenant Community Church (K3C) and it’s through the latter that I got the invite to visit Singapore.

LSBC is a 33 year old church of around 2000 members led by senior pastor Lawrence Chua (affectionately refered to as ‘The SP’ by his congregation).Pastor Chwa is a bivocational pastor, who also runs a successful law firm.

LSBC’s greatest strength is a high impact on their surrounding community through a variety of social enterprises. These include after school programs for local schools (kids go there and do homework before being picked by their parents), a fully equipped gym & community center, adult English classes, computer classes, a healing (prayer) clinic, a social ministry for the aged, daily dance/gymnastics sessions, a counseling hot-line, a club for mentally handicapped, parent support groups, legal aid and so on.

Their emphasis is meeting the felt needs of the community, and over the last 20 years, they have done it consistently and with excellence. Consequently, they have a great reputation in their community.

Check out Pastor Ken’s blog account here


3 responses to “Singapore Hosts

  1. Me too. Like the term bivocational. Truly great to hear about LSBC. Had almost given up on the marathon. Some times its hard to see the big picture until you see another picture like those of Singapore. Thanks Pst.M for the blogging… God bless you!

  2. It is always amazing when a church’s impact is felt in the community. Thanks for sharing your experience Pastor M. Lots to learn.

    God bless you now and always.

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