It’s really great to be back home after a great trip to the US. With a few of my teammates from Mavuno, I attended a church leader’s conference and also spent some time at Mariners Church, in Orange County CA, where I spoke on ‘Extraordinary Lives’ and shared some of the fun things God is doing at Mavuno. You can listen to that message here. We also visited a couple of other churches, including Monte Vista Chapel, that has had a good partnership with Mavuno Downtown.

A highlight of the time away was being with Psts. Linda, Kyama and Kanjii who apart from being teammates are also good friends.

This Saturday, we had a phenomenal Leader’s Day at Mavuno, where despite the heavy rain, around 600 leaders (my estimate) gathered from 7.30am (it can only happen at Mavuno!). Our definition of leaders is the people who serve in the various ministries. We spent time thanking God for the phenomenal things He did among us in 2010 and then deliberated on some major changes ahead. (details forthcoming). I’m frankly amazed at the sacrifice and passion with which these leaders serve God and His people. Also our amazing staff team who hardly missed a beat in our absence. I love this church!

Then yesterday we had great services with Pst. Richard Chogo speaking about the power we have to bring change to our families. We thanked God for Albert Wandui, top Kenyan student in the KCSE exams, who attends Teens Konnect. In the second service, we had the honor of commissioning Kenya’s Rugby 7s team who were on their way to the next leg of the IRB 7’s series in Hong Kong. Fun… Especially since one of my extremely few regrets in life is I would’ve loved to play rugby for Kenya!

It really is good to be back home…


3 responses to “Back

  1. Hehe don’t worry pastor M,You may not have played for the seven’s team but you are still a champ for Christ. We are honored to have you as our leader!! 🙂
    God Bless.

  2. How cool is it that our blogs use the same theme? Hmmm…. Interesting, Pastor M you and I come a long way. I admire your sense of being exactly where the Lord has created you for at this time. I don’t regularly attend Mavuno but every interaction I have, whether irl or online, with you or anyone who is involved in one way or another with this church is always a blessing.

    May the Lord continue to grow you and bless the work of your hands.


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