Jesus Had Issues?

Yep, Jesus had serious issues… with the Pharisees! The dudes vexed him greatly. Mark 3:5 says … ‘he looked around at them in anger… deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts

Pharisees are people who focus on external compliance to a prescribed way of behavior. They are much more concerned about being seen to behave right, than about one’s motives or heart orientation.  For them, faith is about compliance and control, as opposed to care and concern for others. They get so caught up with religious observances – the dos and the donts – what people are wearing, who they’re hanging out with, what they’re doing – that they forget this teeny weensy (but oh so important) thing…

The whole purpose of our faith is to help people love God with all their heart and love others. Period. It’s not about religion, its about relationship.

I don’t stay faithful to my wife primarily because that’s what husbands are meant to do. I do so because I love her dearly and would not do anything deliberately to cause hurt to her. It’s the same for my relationship with God. That’s why my purpose as a pastor is not to change people’s behavior. It’s to help them fall in love with their Creator. And then to step aside and let Him transform their heart. He’s much better at it than I could ever hope to be!

See my sweeties thought’s on her reading here


3 responses to “Jesus Had Issues?

  1. As I read thru Yesterdays and todays reading (leviticus) I am made aware of the various offerings the Israelites had to offer (sin, burnt, guilt)which resulted in sacrifices being made. This meant lots and lots of blood being sprinkled and poured at the alter……WOW! thats a lot of blood. Its not in my place to speculate whether the blood was cleaned up later or left to accumulate. However I do rejoice in knowing that Jesus died for me for once and for all. and I can approach His throne of Grace for my shortcomings, guilt, sin and weaknesses. AMEN!

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  3. Pastor M, i enjoyed your reflection today. As i read, the word GRACE kept resounding in my head! Yes, its about lifting Jesus, who attracts all unto Him, and reconciles them to Daddy God. A good old story that reminds me of His Grace is that of the Prodigal Son…as the guy was heading home, he had this speech prepared to give the father- his idea was to ask his dad to make him one of the servants, because he felt he had blundered so badly that he couldnt even fathom returning home as a son. But the amazing thing is this-the dad didnt even given him time to talk, let alone give the whole speech that he had prepared! His dad run towards him and threw his arms around him..later on, he gave him his rind and threw a serious bash for him! Man, what an image of His Grace! it also reminds me to check my attitude as i serve i a mere servant or am i a Son? with full rights to all His promises!
    So, i just want to reiterate what you so passionately believe and indeed preach through your sermons and your life..that because of Jesus, it is all about His Grace.
    God bless

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