Should The Church Be Involved In Entertainment?

Loved my One Year Bible reading today (see my honey’s comments here). Back in the day, touching a leper automatically made you unclean. But when Jesus, filled with compassion, did it, not only did he not become unclean, but the leper became healed; hence clean! Instead of being contaminated by the untouchable, Jesus touched the man and restored him to what his Creator had intended him to be.

Strikes me that this is what every Christian is meant to be about. Instead of forming holy huddles and living in mortal fear of being contaminated, we are supposed to go out into the world and to restore every part of it to what it’s Creator intended it to be. Instead of locking ourselves up in prayer meetings and staying away from politics (the dirty game) or business or culture or entertainment and the arts, we are supposed to enter into them and, full of compassion and not condemnation for the people influenced by them, reclaim them with excellence for their Creator’s glory. I know, that was one long sentence 🙂

And so the answer is by all means, yes! Because you see, ‘The Church’ was never meant to be an institution, but you and me. For sure, this is risky business indeed. But the risks are well worth taking. This is the only way that ordinary people turn into fearless influencers of society!


7 responses to “Should The Church Be Involved In Entertainment?

  1. May God bless you and increase 4u abundantly for this passion you have for what you do, may you never grow weary of shepherding us. But, what time did you read this because its just 7am and you have been at GT and you already have this posted, are you one day ahead? If you are not a day ahead please be humoured about my observation 🙂

    Lovely day, Concerned.

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  3. For a long time the Church has been and is still is involved in Preaching the Word, whereas the World Teaches its ways. In all sectors of life… Education, Politics, Business, Media and the Arts, Fashion and so on. The world will teach how to work and conduct onself in all these areas of life while the Church would not touch these with a ten foot pole and only concentrate on the Preaching of the gospel and forget about all these other areas that impact lives. I agree Pastor M. Its about time the Church Got Involved and begin Teaching in all sectors of life what God had intended for us in the first place. Let’s Change The Game. Let the Invasion Begin.

  4. Well put Pastor M.

    I find church happens Monday to Saturday where we openly and freely share Christ’s love, then on Sunday we praise, worship and learn new ways in which we can share His love.

    Baraka kibao!

  5. I couldnt agree more pastor M. Guided by Gods word as always, this is what God ordained you to do…that is lead Jesus followers to influence the world positively and fearlessly and therefore as Gods creation we are surely created to do all the “dirty work”(read in politics as well as entertainment. We have notable figures in Kenya who are already positively influencing in these disciplines. Bravo.

  6. This week I have been meditating upon the life and times of Jesus… Yaani He came to seek and save the lost… And yes we must arise and say we are not gonna sit and watch as “things” get lost… We shall arise, We shall engage, We shall trust…

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