Own Who You Are!

One of the things that makes it hard for us to CREATE relevant solutions for our continent is that we don’t develop our strengths. Every parent knows their child is bright. When the child gets into our school system however, that child’s natural strengths are often shoved aside and the child is graded along a single scale. What do our schools look for? Academic ability & memorization ability. And yet there are many other different types of abilities. Below are a few… 

1. Scientific/mathematical intelligence (logic smart – e.g. Dr Davy Koech, Dr Obel) – such people are good in math and science, see logical sequences in things, think in abstract concepts, feel good when something measured, categorized, analyzed or quantified in some way!

2. Aesthetic intelligence (picture smart – e.g. Gado, Mohammed Amin, Ken Oloo) – these people are detail conscious, notice things others don’t, are sensitive to colors & shapes, can visualize clear images in imagination

3. Verbal intelligence (word smart – e.g. Pastor Linda, Churchill, Jeff Koinange, Martha Karua) – such people tend to be fluent & articulate, use conc vocabulary, are good at word games eg scrabble, remember jokes, refer to things they’ve read, and write well. They tend to make great MCs, stand up comics, journalists, or lawyers

4. Melodic intelligence (music smart – e.g. Kanjii, Aaron Rimbui, Atemi, Pinye) – these peeps can tell when notes are off, listen to music a lot, can play an instrument, easily remember tunes, and enjoy patterns in music

5. Kinesthetic intelligence (body smart – e.g. Mariga, Tergat, Jelimo) – these humans tend to be good with their hands, think best when engaged in physical activity, need to touch things to learn about them, and are generally very well coordinated

6. Social intelligence (people smart – e.g Pastor Simon, Raila Odinga) – people come to such individuals for help, they have many people who consider them close friends, they like being with people, are often good teachers and communicators and often get appointed to positions of leadership

7. Self awareness intelligence (self smart – e.g. Pastor Carol Wanjau, aka my sweetie) – these people are meditative and deep, not moved by the crowd (independent thinkers), enjoy time alone, and very reflective – they journal often and are often self employed

Did I miss out some types of smart? Do you have other examples of famous Kenyans who fit these apart from those listed above?

And lastly, which type of smart are you? It’s time to own who you are and… CREATE!


2 responses to “Own Who You Are!

  1. Pastor M , I think you missed out one type of smart which is quickly gaining recognition and is being regarded the world over as an essential smart; EQ or Emotional intelligence.

    These are people who have the gift to relate to or emote with anyone and everyone regardless of their walk of life, age , sex, race , religion, tribe or ethnicity. It is a very valuable gift in business, or politics to be able to bring people together and gain their trust and confidence through empathy and sincerity.

    I think this was once of Jesus’ greatest attributes that’s why Christianity has manged to transcend all borders and divisions. Famous Kenyans would be Barack Obama ( tongue in cheek) / Pastor Simon

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