Light, Not Heat

Day 5 of the Mavuno Word Challenge. My big takeout today was from Matthew 5:14-16… ‘You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden… in the same way let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven’.

The way I see it, Nairobians have heard enough sermons to last them a lifetime! People aren’t looking for religion or for convincing arguments. But there’s something much more powerful than religion. It’s a purposeful life of unconditional love for others. Preaching with our actions… and using words where necessary. In a cynical, harried, ‘me-first’ world, this is the biggest evidence for God.

My prayer today is that my life today and in 2011 will characterize this kind of love. And that Mavuno people would be known for it. Enough that our peers in this city will take notice and be drawn to their Maker and Source of purpose.

In other news, Gideon Torch, our men-only every-Wednesday-at-5am time-of-prayer-and-connection resumed today. AHUUU!


2 responses to “Light, Not Heat

  1. Glad i made it to the first GT..It was an amazing experience and it felt like i offered my first-fruit of time for the year to God..committing to him my flight plan. I beleive 2011 is my year of positioning and beleiveing God for many things but one stands out…Wisdom and understanding!!

    To all the men plan to attend GT’s’s mre addictive than sleep..;)

  2. Just to say how much I am loving listening to all your old messages on line. Always great to hear Kenyan voices and accents on a fairly cold, overcast morning in Londres. Keep up the good work, you will never know the impact of your online presence.
    Barikiweni mpaka mschangae!

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