Obey ‘Just Because’

Really enjoyed today’s reading. Some good takeouts. One of my major ones was in Genesis 2:6. Eve knew what God had said but she also realized that the forbidden fruit ‘was good’ and ‘desirable’. It’s great when I completely ‘feel’ or agree with what God is asking me to do, but that’s not always the case. The reason I obey is not because I agree or even understand but just because God said it! This means I must learn to trust Him fully as a child trusts a loving Dad, who knows what is good for the child even more than the child does.

I pray that 2011 will be a year of obedience for me. Just because…


7 responses to “Obey ‘Just Because’

  1. Hey pastor M, hope you’ll be doing small posts like this on the Bible in One Year topic as both an encouragement and an on-line community sort of place to share what we’ve learned; here or if you’re unable, maybe set it up in the mavuno blogs? Just a suggestion ama a “due to public demand” thing lol
    God Bless 🙂

  2. Happy New Year Pst.M, yaani today’s sermon was just awesome! About the One Year Bible, just wanted to suggest http://www.biblegateway.com which also has the same Bible reading plan and is accessible on mobile phones. Wishing you a truly great year and praying for you and your family as you minister to us this season. God bless you!

  3. @ 20th, thanks for the seggestion. We’re planning to set up something on the mavuno sermon blog this week. You can also check out the one year bible blog (http://www.oneyearbibleblog.com/), though my caution would be to only do so after you’ve done your own reading as the idea is to learn to listen to God for yourself.

    @ Kisa, great to hear from you as always. Not sure the bible gateway plan is exactly the same as the one on the mavuno website. Would be good to follow the same plan but of course most important thing is to get as many of us reading as possible, regardless of the plan they follow! I do like the mobile phone accessibility though.

  4. Just downloaded my reading plan and its amazing. Obedience came out strongly for me as a take out but also the importance of knowing the word of God which is the truth as seen in Christ’s answers to the devil during the temptation. We have such a corrupt nature and I guess we seek to get power honor and glory and at times we are enticed to do so through unscrupulous methods sth we are warned against that in proverbs 1:10-19 because glory is given/bestowed on us by God as seen in psalms 3. Indeed the word of God is a daily instruction and am happy to be on this journey. Thanks for leading us thru pastor M.

  5. Hey Pst M,
    Just started the readings and did a quick 5 days catch up! when i read how the brothers quickly obeyed, i wondered if the bible missed some details on how they consulted each other on whether it was a good move to follow jesus, details of how they looked at their career plan to see if jesus’ offer was part of their ‘purpose’ etc, all the things i do when confronted with a call to obedience & action. Obedience pap is not easy but only because i make it so. Jesus please help me obey you without hesitation.

  6. Hi Pastor M,
    Today was my second day doing the reading. I noticed something peculiar….is it me or is it indeed true that the devil when tempting Eve told her the truth with a bit of a twist. Im using the NIV version. Gen 3:5 the devil told Eve that when they eat the fruit they will be like God. Gen 3:22 God says man has become like one of us knowing what is good and evil. So….this part the devil actually said the truth…the part that he lied he told them they will surely not die in Gen 3:4. However God chased them out of the garden and away from the tree of life!
    This section brings to mind the deception that is in the world today. The kind that gives us a bit of the truth n then twists. N the thing is its sooo easy to believe. So we need to be careful. That’s my main take out for today n i’m looking forward to my reading tomorrow.
    Thanks for the plan :).

  7. Hey Aina!
    Yeah the Devil is the twister of truth and truth twisted is a LIE!! And you are right we need to be really careful and the more we expose ourselves to the truth the easier it is to detect the lies! Am so happy to be on this journey can already sense the mind transformation am receiving and it feels GREAT!!!

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