Merry Christmas!

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth that changed all history; the beginning of the end of our oppression by the enemy; the invasion of God on earth to reclaim all creation, especially humanity, to its intended purpose.

Therefore, may God’s joy be yours this Christmas! And may you have a purposeful and God-chasing 2011, where through His Spirit, you will accomplish even greater things than Jesus did on earth (John 14:12).

Merry Christmas!


One response to “Merry Christmas!

  1. hi Pastor M,
    Am Mike, I came to Mavuno Church this year and my life has changed.I was losing hope at about March there, my life was a wreck.I was invited to church by my siz coz she knew what my life was like all the partying and drinking and my friends.I had no love in my life.I had broken up with the love of my life and I was not talking to my parents.I met my siz and her Mizizi group just before they graduated and I felt the love.I got saved and I did Mizizi ,I became an understudy for the same.Truely God has been good to me in this year 2010.All glory to GOD for seeing light where most saw darkness.Today on sunday the testimonies just took me back to how far I have come.Be blessed ,thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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