News Briefs

Deitrick and Damita  Haddon and Javen touched down at KICC to a great Mavuno welcome. After some rest, they met with and rehearsed with the band and vocalists at the Mavuno dome and later attended a media launch cocktail at the Intercontinental Hotel. I’ve had a chance to connect with them and they’re really good people – can’t wait for the festival on Saturday!

Meanwhile, last Sunday’s message ‘What if accepting God means I remain single?’ continues to elicit great response and conversation, both personally, in different life groups and on the mavuno blog. For those interested, here’s a helpful website with a devotional for singles. This coming week we’re discussing the question ‘Aren’t All Religions The Same’? so please invite your friends. Deitrick and Damita will also be at the service. So miss it at your peril!

Looking forward also to the Business Breakfast this coming Friday, 6.30-9.00am at Panafric Hotel. A great time to network with other entreprenuers and to hear an inspiring business leader who has won several international business awards. Myles Monroe speaks of a time a Chinese businessman challenged him by saying the Chinese never look for jobs but start businesses. Hence their economic success wherever they go. I firmly believe that Africa’s economic prosperity will come as we cultivate an entrepreneurial culture, even for those who are in employment. So even if you’re happily employed, please plan to come!


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  2. Hi Pastor M. I loved your sermons in September. You said something in one of the sermons that raised a question in me and I’ve been meaning to ask but took too long to do it. You aptly pointed out that your desire is that Mavunites learn to love God and to love their neighbours (that was one of the greatest things any pastor has ever said…I wish more churches preached that coz I believe Christianity hinges on those two principles). Now to my question….what is your opinion of this situation…you help a family member, a friend or even a stranger (or rather someone you don’t really know well) and you keep helping and you do this for so long you begin to question if what you are doing is right…you start wondering if you are making that person dependent on you….coz honestly you can’t see them getting any better in their life…they just seem to blow whatever money they get and hope you’ll bail them out (over and over and over). Where does one draw the line? I’m in such a situation and I keep feeling like God has removed the desire in me to help these particular people. Does God do that? Put and remove such a desire? Should I feel guilty that I’ve stopped helping or does God expect me to just keep helping even if it breeds resentment in me when I feel “used”. I really would love to hear what your thoughts on such a situation are. Thanks.

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