Deitrick Is Spreading The Love

Next Saturday @ Impala Grounds, noon to 6pm… pass it on!


One response to “Deitrick Is Spreading The Love

  1. Pastor Muriithi,

    Today’s’ sermon was tried to address an issue many of our younger colleagues grapple with with no answer in sight.

    Our younger sisters have challenges getting appropriate mates so are our younger brothers.

    Society has defined for us what it means like to be successful. Bill Gates visited south Africa and marvelled at the profits one clothing company was making in a ” poor: country. He himself confessed to have lastly bought clothes 5 years ago! yet poor people in South Africa can make the clothing company so profitable.

    Our younger sisters have such stringent check list of who they are looking for that I wonder if they would pass if they evaluated themselves against that check list.
    I have not seen that list but from what I gather the content are heavily tilted towards physical endowments, big cars, where one lives, the type and level of job/ business turnover ( These may not be the things in the check list by they will be implied)

    To attain such material levels to obtain a “pass” some time will be needed hence it is no wonder that people in their late 30s and early 40 s are still searching.

    Relationships become more difficult to build the older one is.There is also a negative correlation of life of relationship. Relationships began early last longer if not forever while those started later end sooner. Relationship started early are started with no hangups, not based on anything material.

    Our younger colleagues need to shun the stereotype of success and shift their search to looking out for “potential” as oppose to seeking out those that have arrived.

    Regards Edward N

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