A couple of weeks back, we did a poll at Mavuno to see what issues our friends who don’t attend church have with Christianity. The idea is that we’ll preach through a few of these questions in September, which is our ‘Spread The Love’ month.

So here are some of your questions (oops, I mean your friend’s questions!) edited for brevity…

I have a friend who…

  • Wonders why Christians claim to have the true religion
  • Wonders why she should trust the bible
  • Wonders why a loving God allows evil
  • Thinks Christians are hypocrites
  • Wonders why Christians push their beliefs down other’s throats            
  • Struggles With being single
  • Believes all religions are the same
  • Was spiritually abused by their pastor
  • Wonders how to tell the difference between a church and a cult
  • Hasn’t found a spouse in church
  • Thinks a Christian would make a terrible spouse
  • Wonders why God made atheists and people from other religions    
  • Wonders why Christianity presents itself better than all the others
  • Doesn’t believe God exists         
  • Wonders why they’re on the planet.
  • Is not sure what life is about
  • Asks why do Christians suffer?         
  • Wonders where God came from         
  • Sees no difference between Christians and non-Christians   
  • Doesn’t see why they should leave the fun for boring godliness     
  • Worships and pray at home       
  • Believes the bible wrongly teaches that the earth has only existed for 6000 years  
  • Says Christians talk about love but they don’t show it              
  • Feels Christianity has killed more people than helped        
  • Wonders why Christians are poor yet they believe          
  • Feels the Church is archaic and filled with people who know little about life
  • Feels God is unfair                     
  • Wonders why God takes so long to answer                        
  • Felt God was not there for them                             
  • Says it’s not about Christianity it’s about spirituality                                                     
  • Fears God may ask them to do something like become a nun!
  • Wonders why he can’t drink and be saved
  • Has questions about heaven                                                             
  • Wonders why God punishes us with hell?                                                        
  • Feels Christianity is a miserable life of dos and don’ts?

Thanks to everyone for sending in such great questions! Unfortunately because of time, we’ll only discuss four of them – so we will pick the ones that seemed to have the highest interest. Which four? Oh well, for that, you’ll have to be at Mavuno this coming Sunday 🙂

Have a great week.


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