True, All-Rounded Success

I’m inspired by Daniel 6:28 ‘so Daniel prospered during the reign of Darius and the reign of Cyrus the Persian’. For sixty years, this public official served his government diligently and faithfully. Through very tumultuous times, marked by military invasions, mass human displacement and regime changes, Daniel not only thrived but survived. The word prosper here is all-encompassing… he did well financially, career-wise, socially and spiritually. True, all-rounded success; the kind that only comes as we succeed God’s way. That’s what I want for myself!

Lord, our culture has many shortcuts to success. It constantly tempts me to want to take the shortcuts. But the success it promises is empty and incomplete. Help me to stay the course and to follow you regardless. Help me to keep my resolve to always honor you at work. And at the end of my life, may they be able to say that I too prospered in every way, regardless of what the circumstances around me were. AMEN


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