Focused On God’s Assignment

I was rather disturbed by the reporting on the Uhuru Park blast last night on KTN. They seemed of the opinion that the blast was the fault of the church leaders, who exposed the faithful to danger by keeping them at the park and then got into their cars and ran away leaving the wounded behind after the blast!

It’s good that we’re keeping politicians accountable for hate speech. Is it time we began to keep the press accountable for objective, fact-based reporting? If you see such a broadcast, let me encourage you to at the very least write a polite but firm protest email/sms to the media outlet involved. Regardless of what side we’re on in this constitutional debate, let’s not allow our media stations to divide our nation by careless reporting as they did in 2007.

In Daniel 6:10-13, Daniel discovered a deadly plot to sabotage him at work. What do you do when you realize someone is ‘out to get you’? Daniel could have panicked and tried to hit back. He could have prayed in the middle of the night, or in a hidden place. He could have resigned his job in frustration. None of that. Why? Daniel’s agenda was not set by his enemies or by the situation at work.  He knew who he was and why God had appointed him to his position. And so he didn’t panic when he found others out to get him, but he kept focused; playing his game ‘just as he had done before’.

A winning mentality entails living a focused life. Getting my eyes off of what everybody else is doing and focusing on what God wants to do in my life. God has a unique plan for my life and nobody else can fulfill it. When I focus on God’s plan for me, competition becomes irrelevant! It really doesn’t matter what other people are doing. They don’t affect my game!

Lord, help me to stay connected to You no matter what. Help me to understand Your assignment for me at work and to stay focused on it. Help me to never make my decisions based on fear of what others will do but rather based on what I hear You say. AMEN


4 responses to “Focused On God’s Assignment

  1. i like today’s reading and the word behind it.with so many voices around us it is easy to forget our agenda,our mission our goal.the funniest thing is that it is more satisfying to follow the path you were destined for yet we fall of from it from time to time wanting to go in another has been a challenge to me but i realized keeping my eyes firmly on God keeps me on course even when taking another course seems ‘more appropriate’. whenever i feel i am about to take a turn,i remind myself of the word of God and the word it has said regarding the said really does work when you desire to only see the God in everything you do.thanks Pastor M and as always be blessed.

  2. hi Pst
    i watched that and confess i said a few cuss words to them in my heart.really embarrassing to call themselves a media house

  3. Pastor M,

    I have been coming to Mavuno of late and I am very encouraged by the fact that Mavuno is taking time to invite professionals for an unbiased civic education on the constitution and of course, this is an eye opener in many ways.

    The Uhuru Park explosions are unexcusable. It pains me that such things should happen in this day and age. We should be tolerant of divergent views. We christians at this point in time are showing how intolerant we are and can be.

    There was a 10 point leaflet which was spread by the church at the launch of the No campaign and the things that were in it were so annoying to say the least. I was surprised that Christians were prepared to spread such inexactitudes in the name of Christ and the bible.

    You know whats more annoying, the fact that we are thinking we are better than the muslims. Christ did not come for the believers. He came to convert the non-believers and make us fishers of men. How do you do this by spreading hate, rumour and by a skewed look at issues in the proposed constitution? Its not a nice time to be a christian in Kenya.

    In any case then what happens when the constitution is passed? Does the church lose its moral authority to guide believers on secular issues? Who do we turn to for advice? You can be sure it wont be a church pastor who says that, ‘This document is dangerous…’ without substance.

    Uhuru park was unfortunate. The planners, perpetrators, executioners should be brought to book. These are the things that would make people appathetic to suffrage.

  4. Greetings Pastor M.

    This is an incredibly humbling and convicting application of Daniel 6. Daniel did not run, he stayed and glorified God. Thank you for the reminder.


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