A Night With The Lions

Ahh, the joy of watching Ghana win!!! Sports has an amazing power to shape culture and unite people. I suspect that this is a pivotal moment in the Africa’s history, and that political and economic realities that Pan-Africanists from the time of Nkrumah only dreamt about will start becoming a lot more plausible.

For those who’ve been reading through the book of Daniel devotionally with me to gain wisdom for the workplace, congratulations… We’re on our final leg! This week, we’re on chapter 6, the famous story of the man who spent a night with the lions and lived to tell the story. Our readings are as follows…

MON: 1: 1-3
TUE: 4-9
WED: 10-13
THU: 14-22
FRI: 23-28


9 responses to “A Night With The Lions

  1. Today’s passage is a direct challenge to me, have I distinguished myself in my work?Can this testimony be made of me?How can I make sure that this is the testimony about me?I am working at it right now.

  2. hi pastor M, is it possible for you guys to still put up your sermons for download on your website? i attend Nairobi Chapel but would still like to listen to mavuno sermons, which are currently not updated.

    thank you in advance and be blessed

  3. I soooo feel u Pastor M, makes my heart swell with pride for Africa-amazing display of skill, team work, agility and stamina!!
    But even more outstanding was ur sermon jana that was for me, eye-opening. Never considered envy a weakness i’d ever have to deal with, but as u spoke u echoed what my life is like right now. I’m constantly complaining, miserable, ungrateful and most shocking-stagnant. I’m so busy envying others that there is no more energy in me to get on with my own life(stamina to play my own game)…
    For the last almost two months, i haven’t come for service and yesterday it was a real battle to get up and come. been praying and hoping to meet a life partner and start my own family and it hasn’t been forthcoming and this has led to green eyed monstiosis as i watch other young women engaged, getting married and getting pregnant! it has been such a great ‘need’ that even if i prospered in other ways, it was nothing because it wasn’t on my path to starting my own family. about 8months ago i started to get symptoms that were being linked to lupus and that shook me completely. i prayed and believed that this would not be my story and especially not before I’d had my family. I’ve been scared and pondering over this alone. i was afraid to share this with my mum because 2yrs ago we lost our last born who was only 22yrs. she is still struggling with that and trying to come to terms with it and then i tell her my news…i just kudn’t! but two weeks ago she bumped into the information and the worry on her face confirmed my fears…and was now shifting all her attention to me. it broke my heart and i didn’t know what to do. but yesterday i was among those that stood up when u asked to pray over those who felt they were suffering from green eyed monstiosis and when u said that God had also confirmed that there is that person who is suffering from kidney troubles and that they are healed…i cried as i felt God’s reassurance. i was soooo overwhelmed and still reeling in that special moment! i accepted the declaration of healing and believe that i am healed and as a step of faith i relayed this good news to my mum – who’s skeptical :-). i thank Jehovah God for his faithfulness, He’s wisdom and He’s love. please accept my heart felt gratitude for allowing urself to be used by God to comfort and teach His people – me!
    God bless u and your generation.

  4. The sermon was personal 4 me, i ve been a victim of envy, i ve been a victim of envy ,this has made me to be very defensive,and not to trust any body, i feel they are there to bring me down, this has made me loose focus , and instead of focusing on my game, daniel s life has alot lessons for me looking forward for next weks sermon .

  5. I was having my devotional today morning and one of the verses it took me to was 2 Thes 4:11, “that you also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you” and it tied in nicely with last Sunday’s sermon, Playing your Game.It caught my eye because in it God is simply saying, first, don’t be all about hype and being the life of the party, cultivate stillness and a simple life. Secondly, mind your own business; don’t concern yourself with all that others are doing and keeping up with the Jonses ( Daniel 6:10) but I liked the last part best; work! Laziness simply won’t do. Isn’t it amazing, how God has everything in His word, even what it would take to not only play to win in the work place, but also what we need to do to develop a great work ethic! God bless and have a great day.

  6. Yay Christine! I just praise God for such a great report! When Pst. M said kidneys, I didn’t even think much but just to hear that God was speaking to you specifically on that Sunday morning is amazing!!! I pray that you will experience God’s embrace and complete healing. I will keep you in prayer tonight.

    Pst.M, may the Good Lord bless you. By the way, what does the final leg mean? We are not doing the entire book of Daniel 😦

  7. @ Christine, I am so glad you came to church! I thank God that He has a unique plan for you and is curing you of ‘green-eyed mostiosis’ so that you can play the game He created you for. And isn’t God amazing – He knows not just your name but your specific need. I pray that your complete healing will result in total glory to Him, and great blessing to many. Please don’t allow the enemy to keep you away from church – that’s simply his way of keeping you away from God’s weekly briefing and blessing… Have a great rest of the week!

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