Forgot to carry my journal to the office. So… I won’t post my devotional thoughts from Daniel 5:18-30 until I get home later today. Would still love to hear yours though 🙂

So, who else is looking forward to kick off at 1600 hours?!

What Counts

We often make the mistake of thinking that all that people need in order to do the right thing is the right information. This is the flawed presupposition behind our education system. Hence Phd holders who can’t solve any practical problems for their society. And also much Christian discipleship today. Hence large numbers of Christians without corresponding impact on society. What makes a difference is not how much knowledge a person is but what difference that knowledge makes in their lives. In other words, what counts is not information but transformation. Every time I hear God’s word, I must act on it.

Like his predecessor, Belshazzar (Daniel 5:18-30) got carried away and began to act and think like he was all that and a bag of something else. He became fixated with his wealth and power as if they had the power to save him. It’s a common mistake, even today, to worship the gifts and forget the Giver.  But unlike his predecessor, he continued in his ways, despite knowing his error. Knowledge is not enough. And in a few hours, the mighty Babylon that had not been breached by enemy forces in a thousand years fell. Almost literally without a shot fired!

Lord, help me to be a doer, not just a hearer of Your Word. Every time I read the bible, every time you speak to me through someone else, every time I hear a sermon – help me to be diligent to listen to You and to act on what I hear. AMEN


2 responses to “Oops…

  1. Rescue those that are being led away to death. Don’t stand back and let them die. Don’t try to avoid responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it. For God knows all hearts and He sees you. He keeps watch over your soul and He knows you knew! And He will judge everyone according to what they have done. Proverbs 24:11-12 (NLT).

  2. Pastor M you have blessed my life with this series so much and i feel more confident to handle so many issues not only in the workplace but also in other areas like relationships with family and friends.Doing what we know is right is very very hard:-(((especially when it comes to pointing out issues that we know are wrong…and especially to those who are in authority.It is one of those situations where the phrase”easier said than done”totally applies. Surely grace and wisdom from our loving Father is the only solution.But i guess the big question that would bother me or anyone else is i’m i ready to deal with the consequences of pointing out these issues?

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