King On The Outside

In a world where image is everything, we are taught daily how to project the right image by wearing the power suits, driving the power cars, living in the right neighborhoods and speaking the right language. But precious little attention is given to the importance of building internal character. Bill Hybels, a famous pastor, defined character as ‘who you are when no one’s looking’.

So, the party was in full swing when God decided to show up un-invited (Daniel 5:5-9). Immediately, Belshazzar was exposed for who he was: On the outside he was the mighty and wealthy king throwing an expensive party for his nobles and wives. But when the layers were peeled off, it was clear he was in reality a terrified, insecure man, whose drunken bluster was just a show.

Lord, I want to be a person of character. So that what people see on the outside is who I really am.  Please search my heart, test me, and work on me so that I will be a consistent leader, both outside and inside.


One response to “King On The Outside

  1. i just started following your Daniel devotions. it actually makes me take a few minutes to read the Bible at work.

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