What A Week!

What a week that was! I apologize for being AWOL last week from this blog but I trust those of you who we’ve been walking through the book of Daniel with were still able to carry on without me. I was on assignment, participating in Fearless 2010, Mavuno’s annual leadership summit. And what an incredible event it was!

It began on Wednesday, when we met with a group of pastors from around 15 different churches passionate about reaching the young adult generation. We had an ‘open source’ day, sharing Mavuno’s inner workings and systems and inviting them to use what they could to further enhance their effectiveness.

Then from Thursday-Saturday, we had around 800 Mavuno leaders attend, from our four campuses (Central, Downtown, Mashariki and Kampala). Speakers included myself, Pst. Simon Mbevi, Pst. Linda Adolwa, Mr Julius Kipngetich of Kenya Wildlife Services and Mr Anthony Wahome of Linksoft Ltd. Kweli magazine have some phenomenal must-see pictures and reports on the whole event which you can find right here.

So, back to Daniel. This week we’re on Daniel 5. Let’s break our daily readings as follows…

MON: 1: 1-4
TUE: 5-9
WED: 10-12
THU: 12-17
FRI: 18-30

Have a phenomenal week!

Who I Worship

Some people had their empire handed to them… Well connected family, went to the right school, got the right job, hang with the right company. Belshazzar (Daniel 5:1-4) was like that. Others have struggled (or are still struggling) to build their ‘empire’, starting with a regular salary, school fees, a car, or rent for the digs. Either one of these is prone to worship their wealth instead of the giver of their wealth.  

In my little book on money management, ‘Exercising Your Way To Financial Fitness’, I wrote the following…

When it comes to money, there are only two types of people: Those who control money and those who are controlled by it! Money is a gift or resource from God. It is a great servant, and can be aid us greatly in achieving our God purpose. But used incorrectly, it can also be a terrible master, and can keep us from attaining that very same purpose.

There’s nothing wrong with wealth. The bible says it is God who gives us the power to create wealth. But He entrusts this wealth to us in order that we can extend His kingdom and find ways to be a blessing to others. Using wealth for our selfish ends will leave us dissatisfied and complacent and keep us from discovering and living out our life purpose.  

Lord, thanks for my family, my work, my responsibilities, my connections, my friends, my blessings, honors, gifts, skills and abilities – all these are from You. Help me to use them well for your glory and never to replace my worship of You with them. AMEN.


3 responses to “What A Week!

  1. hey pastor m I have always been drinking lately and on sunday when u talked about purpose and that kings dnt have to drink that got me really going coz i know God has great plans for me. I hav been involved in two (driving under the influence) car accidents most recently last week and God has saved me from serious harm and i thank him for that. I was born again once and know that i should get back to the father but i just dont know why i am not……bad company???i dont know

  2. Hi Pst. M, welcome back 🙂 Yaani Fearless was just FEARLESS! I’ve officially stopped TRYING out God and I’m trusting Him to do great things as I go thru’ the TRAINING. God bless you & your family as you shepherd us.

  3. Pastor M, God bless you. I have created a good habit to follow you as we read the Bible every morning before I start working. It’s a beautiful thing to say those prayers in the morning.

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