Our Daily Brief

I hope you’ve had a great weekend and gearing up for a good week at work! For the last three weeks, we’ve been walking together through daily devotional readings from the book of Daniel. Through devotional reading, we listen to God daily for our brief that we then pray for wisdom to apply that very day in the workplace. Through the process, we are seeking to develop a 24/7 365 day a year faith that is robust enough to handle the different challenges we face every day at work.

This week we’ll be in Daniel 4. Here are the readings for the week.

MON: 1-9
TUE: 10-19
WED: 20-27
THU: 28-33
FRI: 34-37

Hope you have a phenomenal week!


3 responses to “Our Daily Brief

  1. Missed Church yesterday 😦 The spirit was willing but the flesh was extremely weak… I look forward to getting the sermon cd(s) and walking along with this wk’s blog posts and of course FEARLESS 2010. Yaani bless the Lord O my soul and forget not His benefits… I am so grateful to be part of the body of Christ…

  2. Hello Pastor, I am so impressed by the great things you are doing in Mavuno Church. May God truly bless you.

  3. Hi,
    Just joined mavuno at the lowest point of my life. I was six moths pregnant and just discovered that my Husband who I completely trusted had a string of affairs and in fact one of the mistress was carrying his baby. I asked to leave and my life was very sad, sleepless nights and I actually believed that God did not exist . I noted that even though I had tried to live a respectable life I was getting punishment yet there were people I thought were reckless and were not going through half what I was going through. To make matters worse, when I asked him to leave, he immediately moved in with his pregnant mistress. I know this is late Pastor Linda but I was greatly inspired by your teachings and you made a difference in my life. Am strong now and believe that some things just happen for a reason and am amazed at how God has been faithful to me: got a healthy baby , new job and I look and feel good. Keep praying for me as the matter is now in court over maintenance issues. thank you Mavuno for coming into your life-

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