The Guys Who Wouldn’t Burn

If you’re new to this blog, a group of us have been reading through the book of Daniel, where God has stored some humongous wisdom for the workplace. For those of you who are following along, a thousand apologies… I’m rather late posting this week’s readings! We’ll be reading through chapter 3 this week, the rather famous story of the three guys who wouldn’t burn. So here are the verses to read devotionally every day.

MON: 1-7
TUE: 8-15
WED: 16-23
THU: 24-27
FRI: 28-30

Remember, the plan is to spend at least 20 minutes each day on the exercise. Find a quiet spot free of interruptions, ask God to give you your brief for that day, and then read the verses slowly, seeking application for the situations facing you that day. Read a couple of times if need be. Then write out what you think God may be saying to you. End by asking God to help you apply the lesson you’ve learnt that day at work, and also praying through any assignments or meetings you have that day. If you get an online moment, please post what your brief was. You never know who else may be blessed by it. Have a great week 🙂

Edit:- This is posted a day later…

Workplace Culture

The CEO of Babylon Inc required every employee without fail to bow down to an image of gold that represented Babylon’s corporate might and power. This was

Every workplace has a culture. This culture is seen in the values the company upholds, including how it treats its employees and shareholders, the value it gives towards giving customers a quality service, the way it treats the environment, the integrity with which it deals with government and so on. Because culture is created by human beings and because all humans are made in God’s image, there are positive aspects of every workplace culture that reflect godly values and that ought to be celebrated. There are also neutral aspects, that are neither godly or ungodly, that every Christian employee should seek to influence so that they reflect God’s glory. Finally, there are negative aspects that are not godly. On this, a Christian employee is left little choice but to stand up and draw the line.

What aspects of your current workplace culture are ungodly? Where do you need to draw the line?

Lord, please help me as I lead my team to create a godly workplace culture and to be alert to any ways in which our culture does not honor you. AMEN


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