Wisdom That Promotes

Talk about upward mobility! Our reading today (Daniel 2:46-49) tells us that the boss was so impressed with Daniel that He ended up promoting him – from intern to chief operating officer! Very similar to what happened to Joseph in Egypt, many years before. Psalm 75:6-7 says ‘No one from the east or the west or from the desert can exalt a man. But it is God who judges: He brings down one, he exalts another’.

It’s so easy today for us to get caught in the rat-race, trying to prove ourselves to the world, engaging in office politics, neglecting our families and our health to pile up the qualifications, all in a bid to stay ahead. It’s what the marketplace expects of us! It’s what everyone else is doing! But this chapter shows us the secret of godly wisdom that is available to every believer (James 1:5). And the power of that wisdom to promote God’s people to positions we didn’t even apply for!

Lord, please give me the wisdom to seek you for wisdom at work today. Help me not rely on human wisdom. Give me favor in all I do, as I rely on Your wisdom. AMEN


6 responses to “Wisdom That Promotes

  1. It’s amazing how many lessons i have learnt from this book.

    God bless you Pastor M,may God continue to reveal himself to you so that we may be blessed.

  2. Great stuff Pastor and keep bringing them. I’m following up the book of Daniel with you. The manual for Godly excellence be it in education or work place.

  3. Hallo Pastor M,
    I just have to share this with someone.Some months back I experienced the mother of all crisis in my life.I lost my job, a backer for a project I was working on pulled out, a relationship I was pursuing fell thru, and then to top it all off, I realised that it was time to move on from a ministry I had dedicated my life to for 10yrs.You know the way they say misfortune doesn’t come singly,well I have practical experience.I was down and discouraged, and I sometimes wondered where God was.On Sunday when You said we share about a crisis with a neighbour I couldn’t even talk about this,my feelings were still so raw.

    Since we started going thru Daniel, I am learning so much, and today was kinda over the moon.The fact that God used this crisis to glorify Himself,and elevate Daniel at the same time just jumped at me.

    I remember posting on my facebook page how every crisis I encounter is an OPPORTUNITY for God to be glorified and me to be elevated.I am a business person and when putting together a biz plan,we always list opportunities and threats.Can you imagine looking at the threats,(crisis situations) as opportunities for God to be glorified?My paradigm has completely shifted,and though I am not out of the woods yet,I am fully confident that this is a situation tailor-made to bring Gods glory, when I have Him as my coach.Oh! I love this God!

  4. Thanks pas M. This rat race is killing us. I thought it was only a Western thing but in the 3rd World as well. TOO much pressure! God help us to remain focused in all this madness. Amen.

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