Two Essential Tools

This is late! Blame it on GT. Our 5am men’s prayer time was on point as usual and I really enjoyed it. Also had a great time my subsequent meeting with the greatest staff team south of the Sahara! Okay, back to Daniel…

On leaving the king (Daniel 2:17-24), Daniel calls his friends to ‘plead for mercy from the God of heaven’. He clearly did not know what the king’s dream was but He knew who had the answer. And in the moment of danger, He had three close friends who could pray with him.

In a marketplace that is often governed by values that are hostile to our faith, here are two essential tools. One is close friends who know God and who can pray with us over the difficult issues. Isolation from likeminded friends, the natural state in a busy workplace, can be fatal. The other is the ability to hear God’s voice, honed as we spend time daily in His word …

Lord, help me never to be an isolated Christian, but to keenly develop my relationships with like-minded others who will help me to stand. I pray too that you will help me to learn to hear your voice more clearly, the more I spend time with you. AMEN


3 responses to “Two Essential Tools

  1. Pastor M, your message 2day is so on point with my situation. I was separated frm my brethren in my LG n life changed. I found myself going bak 2 the life i had b4 mizizi n i struggled. But after sunday sermon,i resolved 2 heed God’s calling n come bak 2 among his flock. Am now constantly praying n daily QT is bak on track. To top it up, the Holy Spirit is givin me courage 2 be a fearless influence where i am. Am overwhelmed by His redeeming n forgiving grace. Praise be His Most Holy Name.

  2. Hi Pastor M,
    For a long time this was but a story to me never quite making sense of its teachings you now.I like the fact that you are breaking it down.What is so profound to me today is listening to God’s voice.It is evident that in my life this should be my daily prayer.I completely didnt see the two lessons above till i read you messege.Thank you Pastor.God truly does use you.

    And this is my prayer today.

    God bless

  3. One of the things I love about Daniel is what we are talking about today, the corporate aspect of what he did.Though he is clearly the leader amongst his peers, he still thinks corporately, he’s the a good example of servant leadership, he always understands that he is standing as a representative of others.
    Queen Esther did the same when she faced the king without having been summoned Esther 5:1> , and God moved and manifested Himself for His people.What I am learning thru this is how important it is to always be aware of those I represent, in positions God puts me to lead, to know that I am just a representative, of Him and also of people under me, this sure changes my responses some.

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