This Week At Work…

At Mavuno, looking forward to today’s service. Full of anticipation, expecting God to do big tings! Almost five years down the road and it never grows old. This is better than the Premier League or World Cup… I love what I do!

Okay, enough about me 🙂 Last week, several of us began reading devotionally through the book of Daniel, getting wisdom for the workplace. The plan is to find a quiet 20-3- minutes everyday when you can read the verses and ask God to give you a brief that you will carry out that day. If you’d like to join up, well here are this week’s readings…

Here are the readings for this week…

 MON: 2:1-11
TUE: 2:12-15
WED: 2:16-24
THU: 2:25-49
FRI: 2:46-49

If you have a moment online, please share your brief as it might encourage others. I’ll try put mine up every day.

Have a great week at work! (or school)


3 responses to “This Week At Work…

  1. Hi Pastor M,
    The sermon today was….am bila words i guess i can call it educative.For me i realised i have knowldge but not wisdom…and you gave me the ans to have wisdom..’wisdom is knowledge applied”
    I have taken down the readings of the wk but i need prayers to stick to it.I fimished mizizi season 1 and trust me it was quite transforming n i wish i could do an understudy of it,my confession is am back to the same plc i was before joing mavuno n signing up to mizizi.
    Can i get a person to talk to i have alot to share n help me work in the path of God coz am sure thats where i want to be but i always find myself taking steps backwards,God has been so amazing for me even as i sin n i feel i owe it to Him n everyone i can influence.
    Hoping to hear from you soon

  2. @ me undoubtedly the Mizizi experience is like the best thing ever! Am sure by now you should be connected to a Life Group where you get a group of people to meet and share the week’s sermons as well as just walk life together… talk to these guys. I have heard Pst M say ati you will never be great alone so let the Life Group in on what is going on. If you are not in a Life Group please link up with your Mizizi facilitator and they will def hook you up!
    Baraka Tele!

  3. Hey Pastor M, thank you and live long( not like how they told nebchadnezzar). What u told us to do Jana became so practical
    for me today, I woke up in the morning and told God to speak to me, as I took a shower, I was lead to reading wearing the full armor of God. I had the best day today, even my colleagues said something new has happened ; as my boss attacked, I was calm like a Sunday morning and in my mind I remembered the shield offaith to deflect all the arrows of the evil,I now know the work begins on Monday! I resolved the previous Sunday to honor God,and I have seen Him redeem me, I am serachong for His divine wisdom like Daniel, I can’t wait to get to the high places but I am waiting patiently for my Maker! The king of kings!

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