Who’s Agenda?

My mentor Pst. Oscar of Nairobi Chapel used to say, “God loves you and everyone else has a wonderful plan for your life”.  What he was saying is this: if you do not know who you are and where you’re going, other people will set the agenda for you, determining your values and use of time.  

Daniel 1:6-7 talks about how the king attempted to set the agenda for Daniel and his friends. By changing their Jewish names to names that honored Babylonian gods, he wanted to help them forget their identity and take on a new identity that would help fulfill his purposes. The indoctrination and privileges that accompanied the name changes would also aid in this mission.

Whether I recognize it or not, the workplace and the people around me have an agenda for me. If I do not know who God created me to be and what His assignment for me here is, others will determine what I am about. And unlike Jesus who clearly knew what he was about, avoided distraction and said ‘it is finished’ at the end of his life, I will instead say ‘I am finished’ as I realize I ran someone else’s race! Basically, I can allow the agenda of the world to define me, or I can – knowing who I am – define the agenda for my world.

Lord, please help me see clearly what my assignment at work is. Help me to avoid being defined by others expectations, to set the agenda and to run the race that You have marked out for me. And at the end of my assignment here, to have finished the work that You put me here for. AMEN

Later Edit:

  • Daniel (God is my judge) changed to Belteshazzar (Bel’s prince).
  • Hannaniah (Beloved by the Lord) changed to Shadrach (Illumined by Sun-god).
  • Mishael (Who is as God) changed to Meshach (Who is like Venus).
  • Azariah (The Lord is my help) changed to Abed-Nego(Servant of Nego).

6 responses to “Who’s Agenda?

  1. Hi Pastor M. I have a question: How come Shadrack, Meshack & Abednego didn’t retain their original names (Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah) in the book of Daniel?

  2. Hi Pasi, is it possible to share the meanings of the their names again? (both for Israel & Babylon) Wasn’t able to catch all of them during the sermon but I thot what a deep revelation… that I shouldn’t feel offended if someone calls me MARK or MARY instead of MKUBWA or MADAM but rather I should be able to respond when they call my name… MKRISTO coz I’m living out what He called me to.

  3. Hi Pastor M,

    Last Sunday’s sermon…Wawawa! I’ll try and say this in a nutshell. I am starting out in a new job, God is so faithful to have packaged this message for me at this time. Now the icing on the cake was when you called out to your children to listen out to you. See Pst. M, I have been struggling with father wound issues and to hear you call me out as your child, knowing that My Father in Heaven was speaking out to me thru you, it couldn’t get any better than that! Today is Thursday and I’m still buzzing every time I think of it. I cried and cried and was really thankin God throughout the service. God Bless You as you continue teaching us for the remaining two weeks.

  4. Thanks Pasi for the additional info. We used it during LG today. And may this blog be a blessing to many. Gbu!

  5. that vybe of movies was just….and the way i had convinced myself i had bought it at the shop (taxpayer/kanjo certified shop) for 50bob!!!i plan to make this resolve soon to change this ways

    @chep i think they were called their Jewish names when back home the same way Joseph was called his away from Eygpt serving pharaoh

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