Whats Up

I know, it’s been a while since I was in these parts! Life’s finally beginning to settle back to normal, for which I am grateful.

Once every four years, I get excited about football. Or soccer as the Americans like to call it. I know, it’s all so commercialized and no one plays for the love like in the good old days. But there’s still something electrifying about the whole world (except Kenya of course) competing for one trophy. Nothing compares to it – not even the Olympics! I’ve got the fever already and even though I’m not dundaring to SA, I’m looking forward to some soccer heaven soon courtesy of my TV. Please don’t call me for a meeting when an African team (including Brazil) is on the pitch!

Meanwhile back on earth, the draft constitution, aka the Wako draft finally got published. If for some reason you haven’t had it emailed to you already (which should worry you somewhat as it must be the most emailed document in our nation’s history), you can find it on the Mavuno website. Also a copy of the response to it by the Catholic Church, which spells out the contentious issues raised by the churches. Pastor Kyama did a piece about this whole conversation on his blog, which you can read here. Assuming you are one of the 10 million with a voters card!

This month at Mavuno, I’m teaching through the first part of the book of Daniel in a series called ‘Playing To Win’. It’s about how Christians can be successful in the marketplace. Daniel’s a great book about how to thrive in a hostile marketplace environment. I’m going to be meditating on a few verses daily throughout the coming season and want to invite you to join me. The idea is to set aside at least 20 minutes every day, pray for divine wisdom, read the few verses and then ask God to show you how He wants you to apply them at your workplace that day. And if you get a moment that day, share what you heard with others on this blog.

 If you’re game, here are the readings for next week…

 MON: 1: 1-2
TUE: 1: 3-5
WED: 1:6-7
THU: 1: 7-14
FRI: 1:15-21

So that’s what’s up!


9 responses to “Whats Up

  1. Hi Pastor M,

    Maybe we should have a suggestion section the next time you update the website to avoid putting suggestions in blogs etc.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to pre-empt your current series but from today’s sermon, it seems you will be teaching us how to flourish where we are. I may be wrong.

    Anyway, i was thinking. Since Mavuno has MAINLY young adults, i think, it would be nice to start a ‘workshop’ thing every month or 3 months. To discuss:

    – How do u know you are in the right workplace?
    – How to decide on career choice?
    – How to prepare yourself for a partner?
    – How do you know you are on the right track in life?
    – How do you differentiate between the enemy keeping you from God’s plan & God teaching you something through a trial?
    – How are people called for ministry? etc

    I think MANY young adults are frustrated in life & it is because God may be leading them one way & they are insisting on going another way & they are JUST not aware.

    Again, how do many of us go back to the place of trusting God?

    Many of us have lost faith in God. We believe when there is no other alternative.

    I think career & relationships are our greatest challenges.

    Anyway, just think about it. I know you are influencial enough to invite certain guests, to delegate etc. and this should be like on Saturdays. Then we can invite our friends from other churches.

    Please let it not be 10 weeks and costing about 8k.



    PS: Congratulations on the blog. It is great. Guys get to share & still get help while remaining anonymous.

    May God continue to give you wisdom even as you continue to lead the next generation of leaders.

    Also, can we sometimes do those sweet songs in other churches in our praise & worship? I was considering going to another church after Mavuno coz i miss some songs.

    Also can you ensure we STOP rewinding songs. I hate it! If i am not mistaken we sang the same song today about waving the flag that we did last week. That is too short a break. If you get my drift!

    We love you Pastor M & really appreciate what God is doing through you.

    Concerned mavunite

  2. Hallo Pst.M,
    1st, thank God you went off air, for then I wouldn’t have discovered what a wonderful place Mavuno is in person,I tend to think that this was done specifically for me!I had not been in Nairobi for a while and since I came back, I was looking for the right place to worship, and I believe I have found it in Mavuno, it is definately my home for this season.
    I am also glad I came at the begining of this wonderful Playing to Win series,already I am seeing changes in my own responses to things I have done daily before,I find myself thinking,’what I resolve today determines my success tomorrow’ , in the middle of even mundane tasks like cleaning the house, and I do it better than last time!
    I am going to enjoy myself in this place.

  3. hi pastor M. first i want to thank you for being a blessing to my life. I know and believe God has used you to speak to my life on certain issues about my job, especially this past two sundays.
    i was almost leaving my job. i used to hate mondays and i took leave alot.
    working has been a nite mare to me. and its still a nitemare tho’ am trying to change.
    i have started praying for God’s wisdom in my life. my job is good and well paying and anyone would like it and even envy me. but deep down my heart i feel like i hate it and i just dont fit in.i dont have a good boss and my workmates are so frustrating. am a christian and am saved so i regard them as being unclean. sometimes i think i just work for the money since am a single parent.
    i was convicted by your sermon and i broke down to tears. i thanked God for the job and asked Him for forgiveness and started praying for wisdom.
    Thank you pastor M for letting God to use you.
    God bless you.

  4. Wsup Pasi, its been a while since I was here. Kinda got a bit disappointed that I couldn’t finish the book of Mark with y’all but I’m back and trusting God to do the whole 12 chapters of Daniel. Actually Sunday was so cool coz I’d read Daniel 1 and I had done a detailed analysis of every single verse and what? It was very exciting to just get a deeper and clearer understanding of scripture that I thought I knew by heart. Have a

  5. Pastor M,

    I would like to thank God for the summon of yesterday.
    I have been following the processing of my employer’s title and i have been so frustrated by the file missing and many other roadblocks that they put on the way. I have been following this for the last over 3 yrs and in an act of frustration and desperation i gave in to their quest for a bribe so that the title could be released.
    This thing has put me in a dillema for the last 3 weeks . After yesterday sermon , it is clear to me that i will not pay the bribe but then i donot know what to tell them and yet am under pressure by my employer to complete the process. what do i do?

  6. Oops! This my phone updated without completing the last sentence… Have a blessed one Pasi… PS. Its amazingly cool how we can get to blog from any internet enable phone… This is definitely a beta alternative to Facebook. Cheers!

  7. Mine’s more of a question-I have been out of town for a month and now mavuno is off air..just wanted to ask,what happened?

  8. hi Pastor M.

    Thoroughly excited to be going through Daniel. Wish we were finishing the book coz Daniel has always seemed so mysterious to me. Too many sermons on end times etc etc based on Daniel. Aaaanyway, the sermon on Sunday was on point. And relevant.

    Today, i was getting my anti-virus updated and of course I had one that had been written for me on a cd by an I.T. friend of a friend at work. Couldn’t load it on my comp coz clearly…the key is invalid. So today, i caught myself still asking a new I.T. friend of a friend to do it for me – still with the illegal anti-virus. Stopped in my tracks. Buying Kaspersky, with a key for 2010, TODAY. Thanks for the lesson. Well learnt and practiced.

    I second “Suggestion”. I would love to have a sort of “young adults” thing going on at Mavuno. I rededicated my life to Christ in Mavuno last year and apart from life group and Ministry, I’m not interacting with my peers here at Mavuno. I sometimes go to Nairobi Baptist for their Young Adults session and that’s usually a blast – we’ve even done a Mombasa plot last October. I really wish we had something similar to this here at Mavuno. Thanks for bringing it up, Suggestion. I feel you and you’re hilarious. I think what I’m trying to say is, we’re here to ‘Church the un-Churched’ and when we get ‘Churched’? I would love to grow and keep growing at the different seasons in my Churched’ life and make Mavuno my home Church.

    Thanks Pastor M. It’s an honor to be molded by God through you.

  9. Hi pastor M,

    I was just wondering how this blog thing works. Can you know someone has commented much later on a blog item?

    In other words, today is 19th or so, can you tell someone has written on your blog or you will stumble upon it if your lucky?

    Also, this commenting thing can be tricky in the future because you guys are too busy to see &/ reply each blog so after some months or an year, when you need to clean up the site to create space, what will happen to all those blog comments not seen or replied to? Say bye bye?

    i am just trying to think ahead. Do you feel me? I hear you are quite the leader. I guess one of these days, we shall see just how good


    PS: I enjoyed the Coach sermon, i like your sermon delivery.


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