The Evidence…

Peter was called here... twice!

Next to 'the Jesus boat'

Jesus' childhood synagogue

At Caesarea Maritima

Statue of Elijah taking care of business

And lest you think I made the whole thing up…

The Jerusalem pics are much more dramatic and if I get a chance, I’ll upload some soon (no promises though!)


5 responses to “The Evidence…

  1. Pastor M, these photos look a lot more authentic than the obama one 😉

    So glad that you had such a wonderful time of refreshing and that like the fearless leader you are, you have prepared the way for the rest of us to visit Israel as well.

    Glad to have you back.

  2. Pastor M,was so glad to atleast see aka update in your blog.Since you turned 40, i just dont know.Honestly you are in my prayers.looks like you are having fun but for real how do we know you actually are not in a studio in town.

    I say more pictures and some foreign goodies can help you redeem yourself.
    Great to have you back

  3. Pastor M, i remember you sitting in front row last Sunday as Pastor S preached the word home. This is a Joke…for some humor really..Our theme message was – Guys”When God was creating you he wasnt hoping for a boy”
    Chicks “Yes! ………a glorious woman”
    Punch line…Every time when pastor S said ” a glorious woman, his left hand moved up to down in a curvy manner…Could he put that gesture in English…
    Have a blessed day..

  4. @Dexo plus i see one who looks like Pst. Oscar.that’s a greater testimony 😉 !!!!

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