In Conclusion

Okay, so I’ve been offline a couple of days, as our nice hotel charged more for internet access than I was willing to part with! Thanks for all of you who left your comments – glad you could experience some of Israel with us! So, I’m putting up these final posts at Ben Gurion Airport, as we wait to take off for home.

What has this trip to Israel meant for me? Many things that I will need a while to unpack- some quite profound . Here are the ones that come to mind right away…

It’s been a great time of refreshing. Our work means we’re always shepherding and caring for others and it’s been a long time since Carol & I just sat back and had someone pour into us and bless us. I feel we were blessed personally and also in our marriage through sharing this experience together.

It’s been a time of equipping. I feel my view of the bible has been expanded and that my reading of and teaching from it will be richer as a result of this time. Being away from Mavuno also tends to create space for me to hear God in new ways and to pick up new leadership ideas. This trip was no exception; I’m fairly buzzing!

It’s been a time of relationship building – connecting with friends from Mariners Church, which is a church God has drawn us steadily into a relationship with. Several on the trip had done Mizizi and it was great to hear their stories about how God has used a church in Africa to profoundly impact their lives. And we are very grateful to the pastors of Mariners whose generosity made this trip possible for us.

I wish Carol could have written this journal for you as she would have given you more than just the dry itinerary… she’s just that much better able to express the depths of emotion! I tried my best though. All said and done, it’s been a phenomenal trip and more than a dream come true.

Looking forward to getting back home to the kids and to Mavuno. Words are not enough to say it… but thanks Papa for this amazing experience!


2 responses to “In Conclusion

  1. Interesting…..looking forward to hearing and seeing the new ideas that your excursion generated! baraka…

  2. You inspire me so much pastor.May God bless you so much and give you sufficient grace to touch many heart.Thank you

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