The Jordan River

We started the day at the Golan Heights, a piece of land that has been fought over several times with Syria. From there we could look into Syria and our guide recalled some of the military history.  We even got to walk through a military bunker, an amazing network of underground tunnels used by the army during their wartime.

From there we were of to Caesarea Phillipi, modern day Banas, the very pluralistic city which was the context of Jesus’ famous question to Peter and the disciples, ‘who do you say that I am?’ In this very beautiful setting which was the site of a remarkable temple to the Greek god Pan, we spent some time reflecting on our own answer to that question. Not the spiritual or Christian answer but what our true answer is, and what we’d like it to be.

After lunch was the best part for me. A kayak ride down the Jordan river! Amazing is not even adequate to explain it. Culmination was baptism for many here on the trip, in a setting similar to where John the Baptist and Jesus baptized many centuries ago.

Tommorow, the journey to Jerusalem begins!


7 responses to “The Jordan River

  1. Hi Pastor M,

    I pray that this will be for you a great time of reflection as it is already sounding. May the historical sites bring afresh to you the passion that should always accompany our service for our Master. My family and I have been greatly encouraged by your ministry and that of the wonderful team at Mavuno.



  2. Hi Pastor M,
    Excited for you and your your lovely wife, Ps. Caro on the Israel Trip.You have been such a bessing and desrve the very best. May the Good Lord continue blessing u to be a blessing to the territories He is enlarging.

  3. Pastor M,
    Sounds like you are truly having a blast in Israel… enjoy every bit. Can we talk about the blog when you are back….. the ideas will start to go stale?
    Baraka Tele!

  4. Wow Pastor M, thanks for the “stories from the Promised Land.” I’ll remember to refer to this when my time to visit the Holy land comes. Best wishes & safe travel.

  5. The Jordan River is awesome. Did you get a chance to get baptized again … Visited in 2006 and my life has not been the same ever since.

  6. I can just imagine how blessed you have been going on a trip so amazing! May God inspire you and your family, and your ministry even more in the days to come. Indeed, life isn’t a rehearsal!

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