Around The Sea Of Galilee

We mostly spend today around the lake where Jesus did a lot of his teaching. First activity was a boat ride across the lake, with some time of meditation right in the middle. Apparently, waves of up to 9 feet tall have been recorded on the lake! In the amazing stillness of the lake, it was not hard to imagine the disciples amazement after Jesus calmed a ferocious storm. Across the lake, we viewed a boat archeologists discovered that was very similar to the one Jesus rode in.

Next stop was on the shore of the lake near Carpenaum, very near where Jesus must have been when he called Peter. My discovery of the day was that it was almost the same place where he called him again him after Peter’s worst failure (John 21). God never called us to let us fail. Truly, God’s gifts and calling are irrevocable.

We spent time at Mt Beatitude, where Jesus probably gave one of his most famous sermons. We then had lunch at a restaurant that serves ‘Peter’s fish’, the type of fish in who’s mouth Peter apparently found a coin in. To our suprise, it was tilapia! Nice touch of home having delicious fried kamongo, though ugali would definately have completed the experience.

Final stop was Carpernaum, the town Jesus was mostly based from after he was kicked out of his hometown of Nazareth. He was there 18-20 months and did more miracles there than any other city. Archeologists have pinpointed with a fair degree of accuracy Simon Peter’s mother in law’s house and it was amazing to see the ruins of the said structure.


One response to “Around The Sea Of Galilee

  1. Hey Pastor M,

    I am sitting havin lunch at my desk at work and saw ur blog on the Israel trip…am so jealous!!! am at work and u are walkin where Jesus walked…way cool!!! But thanks for the very vivid imagery, for a few minutes there, i felt like i was walkin with u…

    Keep us posted, its most appreciated.

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