Dreams Come True

Dreams do come true! Traveling to Israel with Carol is certainly one of the dreams I hoped would come true sometime in my lifetime. It’s on my so-called bucket list. Just didnt know it would be this soon! And even better, doing it with a team of friends. We’re on a tour hosted by Pst. Kenton and Laurie of Mariners Church with almost 90 people (!), some of whom I’ve met and come to know well because of our previous interaction. Also fun to be with Pst Oscar and Bea from Nairobi Chapel, and to meet Pst. Peter and Irene from Ggaba Community Church in Kampala.

Day One was mostly spend on a 6 hour flight to Istanbul and then a 2 hour connection to Tel Aviv. Turkish Air leaves JKIA at 4pm – brutal! We made it in one piece though. Tel Aviv is a very modern city on the shore of the Mediteranean. After dinnner, we walked to nearby Jaffa (biblical Joppa), which was where Jonah left from on his much misadviced and short-lived journey to Tarshish and also, many years later, where Peter got a vision telling him that God does not practice discrimination as well as instructions telling him to visit a Roman Centurion and share about Jesus (Acts 10:30-11:18).

Watch this space for updates on our trip!


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