It’s 4am in LA and I find myself with much to be grateful for…

Thanks Lord for an incredible life so far.  Thanks for amazing parents and siblings, and for great memories growing up. Thanks for my sweetheart and life-partner who I know I don’t deserve, and for the awesome privilege of being a father to my kids. Thanks for saving me when I was the least likely person in Nairobi, and for giving my life purpose and direction. Thanks for helping me be part of a great church family, and for the best staff team in the whole world. Thanks for every prayer you’ve answered and for giving me faith for great things. And thanks for the many, many, many friends who’ve been part of my journey.

I love being 40!


20 responses to “40

  1. Happy birthday Pastor M!
    today is really it!
    If life begins at 40, one can only imagine the great heights that the Almighty will raise you to as you continue on this journey to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him. every day may you take on life as a man after God’s own heart.

  2. Mchungaji muriethi,
    Nikupashe baraka ndiyo za anza!!!!!
    Wear the full amour of prayer.
    Barikiwa wewe, mkeo na watoto.
    Miaka harubaini, ni baraka uzao huu.

  3. Hey pastor M,
    I have been coming to Mavuno for month now since the beginning of Make over and i have been blessed beyond measure.
    I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and to wish you Gods blessings in your years to come may He bless your family and your every step.
    You are appreciated for the good things you have done.
    Thank you and may God enlarge your territory.

  4. Hi Pst M. Happy 40th Birthday! For sure life is not a rehearsal, here’s how I learnt that…..

    I don’t know where to begin, but in January 2010, I had been diagnosed to have a mass in the lower lobe of my left lung which only caused me to have a cough that never cleared since early Dec’ 2009. After all the test including Bronchoscopy (inserting camera through the wind pipe and gettting specimen from the lung ), results showed I had no malignancy. However, medically,something was wrong and needed an operation for further analysis.

    Fast foward to the Launch of Ombi Season 1, 2010, 3 days to my scheduled surgery….Pst Simon called out people to be prayed for and specifically “insisted” on those with swelling/growth in their abdomen..i finally stood and you prayed over me..remember now!?

    My husband and the rest of family had much anxiety, but we were taking comfort in the fact that God knows my name, my thoughts, every tear i shed, and knowing people were praying for me, especially my LG members, gave me God’s peace….fast forward to 10 horrible days of waiting for lab results after surgery, which should have taken 5 working days in the first place….but the surgery pain kept my mind off abit, and I hoped only for God’s report, which had to be GOOD, eh!

    REPORT: NO CANCER!!!It was a CONGENITAL CYST…something I had for long (but “harmless” per’ se’ were it not for pneumonia bacteria around it)

    PS: my childhood friend underwent the same scenario, exactly 1 yr ago, but she passed on, on 17th Feb, 2009,..she had lung cancer.. leaving her hubby and 2 sons who are my children’s agemates ….you can imagine what went through my mind pastor…

    Lessons learnt:

    1. I have a new lease of life and God has shown me favor un-ending, He has given His life for me, I know it’s His goodness, His blood has covered me,
    ………so my resolve:
    I will arise, give thanks to God my Lord, bless His Holy name with my whole heart for He has shown Mercy to me….

    2. I used to sing but had abandoned the mission for a while(disciple’s style) Now that my lungs have a clean bill of health, through this expereience..I hear the Lord loud and clear!! in and out of the bathroom, I shall raise the praises of my God until ….wah!

    3. My family (husband, 2 sons and sibblings) can’t help but hear, see and feel the new me, coz’ Pastor M’, am new! I will live life to the fullest!….

    4. I am unique and God’s purpose for me must be accomplished, despite coincidental occurrences….

    5. I know I will live to see my 40th+ Birthday too, kama wewe Pst M’, huh? Amen!

    This is to you Pastor, Keep inspiring us, nothing goes to waste, ever! It will always change a life if not lives!


  5. Happy Birthday pastor. I wish you another 40 FILLED with more FAVOUR, wisdom, power, grace, exploits etc. God bless you tremendously. Thank you for being a blessing.

    Since i have been to Mavuno, i have found new hope. I’m rather stubborn but hey, I’m human. Thank you for your faithfulness.

    Continue being a blessing & pliz write COMPLETE notes on your blog including examples from you & the guests. Hope we’ll see you tonight.

    PS: Maybe in the future, we can have a 24 hour prayer hotline. Sometimes you wanna share stuff with someone & no one is available.

    B Waithaka

  6. Pastor M –
    I attend Mariners Church and had the incredible opportuniy to hear your message this morning and to meet Peter at Mariners Beachside. Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a mighty and powerful way and also for stirring in me the desire to pray consistantly that God would reveal to me what his purpose is for my life!

    I have been going through the Mizizi course with about 40 other women in our church and it has been awesome. I hope I get the chance to hear from you again this week before you leave.

    Thank you for your service and for the way God is changing lives through you and your church.
    CC Nelson

  7. Hey pastor,Have a happy bday ….belated if i may add.I met you guys at Dubai airport on 21st February 2010 though i spoke to Kanjii only.You guys were busy sorting out with immigration and i was on the move.Still on the US ama you guys are back in Kenya?Am in Melbourne.Will be undertaking a 2year course here.
    My regards to all Mavuno people.That’s literally my home church since before time and yes my neighbors too.I stay somewhere near former St James.Salamz to kina Kanjii oh year and piano guy,that’s what i refered to when i spoke to Kanjii briefly in dubai.
    Cheerz,enjoy being 40.

  8. @ Wandia!!! Lovely testimony I heard this from another quarter and I thank God that He and He alone is our healer May His Name be praised!!!

  9. A very happy belated birthday Pastor M, may you always be a man after God’s very own heart. I’ve been convincing my siblings to swing by Mavuno and have a personal report about it instead of buying other people’s opinion about it. This Sunday, my sister came. When later I asked her what she thought about it, she said ” the toilets floored me, they were so clean, I sat on the toilet seat – with tissue on. I would go again” Sorry, if this is gross, I know it’s weird to be talking about toilets instead of how well she was blessed, but do tell your staff in that department that someone appreciates their good work and that they shouldn’t stop setting such high standards!

    Just a quick question, and please correct me if I’m wrong, I come to Mavuno and normally sit at the back. However, on the few occcassions I’ve had the opportunity to sit at the front, I noted that you don’t wear a ring/wedding band. Your wife does though. Last Sunday I also noticed that Armani didn’t have his on too (maybe I didn’t see well here too… ) Not that you owe anyone an explanation, but I’m just curious if you don’t, what the reason maybe.

    Pls pardon me if I’m wrong…

  10. Hi Pastor M. I am from Uganda and visited Mavuno on 24th Jan when you shared about rebellion. i was brought there by a Kenyan friend from your church. I went away with your fearless influencers audio and it has become church for me along with the mavuno blog from which i get an idea of what happened on sunday and drool over how badly i wish that I was in Nairobi. i don’t know if you’d understand but I desperately want to come to church at mavuno but am so far away. i am even considering relocating there, crazy! I’ve been desiring to be around the kind of christians that you pastors are at mavuno for a while becuse i know that God has called me to do amazing things in my generation but people here think very small and i feel bad about blaming it on them and all but there’s just something about you guys and i just feel like crying every day when i visit the site or listen to your audio. I’ve asked people there to send me other sermons like the series from which that audio comes but that hasn’t been possible and I am wondering if you would help me. i am crying even as I type this note because I badly want to get out of this confinement and be arounnd people who will show me how to do all the things that i God has put inside my heart to accomplish. By a miracle of God, I met pastor simon two weeks ago and he and I are working on a book project that I have been thinking about for a while and talking to my pastors about except that I didn’t find anybody that took me seriously until pastor S. am so sorry for all my whining but God bless you guys for what you are doing and I keep hoping that the people at mavuno know what a treasure they have. Oh, i think that much, much more will be expected by God from them. God bless you so much, Joey

  11. soon Pasi you will be asked for you produce/show your wife’s ID b4 service starts.i bet you on that.

    40!!!almost finishing the second quarter of life and me am jst starting this year.got lots to learn.big up!!!

  12. Pastor M,
    I hope you are not feeling too old (you have been wished happy 40 many times!!) ok, here is one more seeing that am still within the 40 days of celebration. Happy 40th Birthday, my daughter would be saying “aki the guy is so old 20”! am not sure what she will say to 40 yrs. May the good Lord continue to bless you and Carol and give you many more years together to see Muini’s children’s children (ha!)My husband and I hope to live to share the teeth (but God is merciful, we may just afford two sets).
    Interesting that someone would bring the story of the ring up. We had a similar “problem” at our Life group last week. the ladies all had their rings but some of the guys did not. Now, they have all styled up. Ebu fafanua before the rumour mill begins. I know I can vouch and scream that you are a very good guy till am blue (ok am dark so not sure), but hey, we are in the days of crazy talk. Enjoy the preaching and sights. See you soon.

  13. Welcome to the USroveA!!! from Worcester MA. Wish we could get to meet you, but if not, God bless & know that you are a blessing and that you have made it seem that the endless potential of Africa begins with us living out our destiny**. Thank you. By the way is the Hellon in the papers tha same one I had listened to last yr? I would be dissap if Mavuno got pulled in the mud with him(not that he’s bad but the negative publicity). If so, what next. Reach out?or….explain or….

  14. Hi Pastor –

    Your message has been on my mind since I saw/heard you speak at Mariners Church last Sunday. I downloaded the podcast of your sermon and am certainly wondering what this Mizizi is all about – you and the Holy Spirit certainly teamed up to catch my attention! I’ll look for the Mizizi class here at Mariners. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories and incredibly powerful message with our church.

    Happy birthday, too! I really hope you enjoy your time here in CA, and come back ANYtime to visit us.

    Blessings to you my dear “Pastor from another continent”. :]


  15. Hi Pastor M, wish you a lovely 40th year of your life and God’s blessings, favour and provision… It is said that life begins at 40 but for you I believe its the start of a new and even stronger journey with God leading you every step of the way even as you lead his flock from strength to strength…I pray that God may give you more strength to continue with the awesome work that you do for him.

  16. Pastor M, you have blessed me, and a word, to bless you. i heard somewhere that death is to come to the unbelieving but eternal life begins when you believe. believers never taste death, but merely transformation. You have chosen to live forever and God bless you in this journey, more so for holding our hands, those of us that feel weak. if you ever get time I’d want to talk to u, what can i say. I have issues and i feel you are best placed to listen.

  17. Pst. M you aint seen nothing yet your life has just began! This time round you’re in the forecourt, off the grand stand, & right in the middle of God’s field. Watch and experience the numerous blessings in the coming years you’ve never seen before. your latter testimonies will be greater than your former.
    a belated Happy Happy Happy 4th (oops 40th) birthday and enjoy the love around 🙂

  18. Hi Pastor M,Ur blog entry reminded me of a song we used to sing a long time ago:
    “Count your blessings, name them one by one,
    Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
    Count your blessings, name them one by one,
    *Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.
    [*And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.”
    Belated Happy 40th birthday wishes my friend.

  19. Hi Pastor M I know is a tough year but not in Christ. Just to ask are doing any other book, it was good to comment and see what others understood about The Book of John and you would then get what you might have missed. It won’t be the same if i do it on my own. Pleassssssssss


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