Okay, too sleepy to fill in my daily brief today. Plus I think I’m allowed to skive blogging at least one day –  especially at my age! So please comment and let the rest of us know what you learnt from today’s reading… normal services shall be resumed soon. Pastor M


6 responses to “Sleepy

  1. Yenyewe Pasi life begins at 40 but they meant it after Thursday when you actually turn that age so you are still thate nine.

    Whats my take out, Peter oh the sanguine, denies Jesus three times and when he resurrects is not quite sure just how history has changed so he decides to go fishing… and Jesus goes for him in the sea. There’s no falling too far from the Lord, even when we don’t recognize Him at first He will call again and again.
    Lord thank you for grace, that will pardon and cleanse grace that is greater than all my sin
    Baraka Tele!

  2. Sorry am not commenting about todays . . Pastor, i attend mavuno and its really changed me. Am startin parenting classes next week and i cant wait. Was wonderin how you advise me on forgivin my spouse. . He cheated on me when i was pregnant and now the lady too is pregnant and continue seein her though he says its coz of the baby but he does not come home over weekends. I still love him as we have 2 beautiful kids but i have so much anger. I pray for him daily for him to change. Will movin out the solution or will he go to the other lady. Am scared and confused. Your advice counts . Please.

  3. best place to say, “have you ever done something that you said you will never do,” a lesson from Peter’s’s easy for us to say i would never deny Christ but when the question is framed that way, we see Peter’s dilemma

  4. Eh, @ gogetter, how old are you again? I thought so! Too young to comment about 40:-)Thanks for commenting so consistently through the last few months (that goes for you too, kenyannutcase)

    @ blessed, glad to hear from you and I’m excited about the change you’re seeing in your life. The parenting class changed my life – and I’m glad you’re taking it. About your question, I think it would be difficult to give that kind of advice remotely, without getting some of the facts. Let me recommend you pass by the dome and talk to Pastor Sophie or ask for her on Sunday if weekdays don’t work for you.

    I’m praying for you from Philippians 1:9… that God, who began this great work in you – including bringing you to Mavuno – will not only give you practical solutions to your dilemma, but that He will bring your whole story to a good end, and help you be everything He made you to be. AMEN

  5. Thanks alot for your response. I will pass by and share this with pastor sophie. You are such a transformer. . You are changin peoples lives in your preachin. Thanks so much. I want to enroll for mizizi, i pray he can join too but i dont want to push him so that he can know God . Thanks alot . Be blessed for all the good work you are doing. Blessed

  6. Pastor M, on or off the pulpit, you just make my day!
    ati too tired? wish you quick recovery.
    This has been an exciting journey; the readings just get me rooted to Christ by the day.
    Thank you for the guidance, this is something that I will for sure keep on doing.
    You are a blessing and may God continue to bless the work of your hands.

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