Staying Connected: Week Eight

So, seven weeks ago, I invited you to join me to read devotionally through the book of John. And this week, we finally come to an end! Wah ~ you must congratulate me for blogging so prolificly. I confess I actually slowed it down towards the end, just because I was enjoying this experience! Also because I wanted it to end just before my 40th, which is on Thursday (just in case you were wondering!) My prayer is that this journey has been a blessing to all of you who have walked it with me. Thanks for sharing what you’ve been learning, as I have been blessed in return.

We’ve been doing devotional reading – which is different from bible study. The former is when you read without any tools except a bible and notebook, and ask God to speak to you specifically as you read. The latter is when you include the use of tools like bible concordances and commentaries in order to understand specifically what was going on at the time the text was written so you can then apply it in the present. Both are good tools to learn to use, if you want to stay connected to the Source.

The bible is a phenomenal book. It’s not just a history book, but is God’s living word. Every time I read it, I receive fresh guidance in my journey of living out God’s purpose. And so I’ve made it a habit to read it every day. I hope we can read another bible book together in the next couple of months. Meanwhile, please ask God to show you a book you can read as we’ve been doing, so that you continue to stay connected. I’m thinking that I’ll either move on to the book of Acts or Judges. Or maybe Proverbs. Oh, the mouthwatering choices!

Here are this week’s readings…

MON: 20:19-31
TUE: 21:1-14
WED: 21:15-25

So… stay connected!


7 responses to “Staying Connected: Week Eight

  1. Haha! Pst M I hear you mouthwatering indeed and I wish you a safe trip! Thanks for this you have really been a blessing as has everyone who has been sharing. Just last week I begun with the book of 1 Chronicles and look forward to that one!

    And yues congratulations on your 40th! You never blogged so regularly!
    Baraka Tele!

  2. I have always thought healing is for other people. And even though I am born again, I had never experienced physical healing through prayer and was beginning to get skeptical about it…until you prayed for ‘someone with a back problem’ sometime last year.As a young lady I never did have problems, but 2 children later, the pain came and sometimes excruciatingly so, I couldn’t even bend to wash something.

    God took away my pain that morning. You can imagine I have waited this long to write about it- to check that I was actually healed. Not because I doubted His power, but I just didn’t think my problem was the sort of problem He would want to get interested in. At least not then.

    John 9 (I should have written weeks ago when we were reading this) talks of God healing for His glory (paraphrased), and being so dry spiritually then, I needed this, as well as for me to encourage others about God’s healing power. It is not about a shiver down the spine and a roll or thud on the ground, it is Him ever so quietly -yet powerfully taking the pain away.

    Thank you for praying.

  3. Hi Pst,

    Hi hope could you please explain your connection with Hell-on its scaring the kind of connection he has with mavunites


  4. Yup for an old man you tried blogging everyday…especially since young people like us could only take advantage and benefit without contributing:). I have been blessed by the many bloggers comments, asanteni sana. Look forward to another one. Maybe revelation….

  5. Congratulations Pst M for ending so well – I remember the beginning when there were no guarantees but how you have exceeded expectations. Wishing you a great time in LA at Marineers. May you have an awesome birthday this week.

    I must also pat myself on the back. Its been great reading through John devotionally and I thank God for enabling me to blog faithfully. He gave me strength to make it to the end. Guess what; the last day being my birthday, wed 24th Feb. What a coincidence. A couple of years apart pst M, but nearly sharing birthdays.. There should be a huge party and cake to celebrate us fearless february born influencers.. We are changing the world!

    I have now developed a habit that has reinforced a commitment I made to read through the bible in a year. I started in Jan and I thank God that he has seen me through the start and I am on track. May I keep on to the end just as I have done with us all these last couple of weeks. This is a teaser to the great things that I just cant wait to see happen in Dec 2010.

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