Missing The Obvious

It’s possible to be so concerned about the crises of the moment that you miss the obvious solutions that are staring you in the face! More specifically, I know that I sometimes get so caught up in the challenges I face that I miss hearing what God is saying. This is where Mary Magdalene found herself (John 20:14)… in her grief, she didn’t see Jesus, even though he was standing right in front of her. It was only when he called out her name that she finally recognized it was him!

Lord, like Mary, I know I sometimes focus so much on what’s going on and what needs to get done that I miss seeing You and what You are doing in the situation. I pray that this year will be different though. Please call out my name every time. Please open my eyes that I may see and recognize You in every situation I face. And in seeing You, help me to know exactly what to do. AMEN


2 responses to “Missing The Obvious

  1. THE RESURRECTION! Praise God! This is where the whole journey was headed! This is the climax of the story. The moment all heaven and earth had been cooperating with God to get to. the salvation of the human race has been won and secured. the final victory won. Death of all kind was defeated.

    I can sense the disappointment and tragedy had this story ended otherwise. You can imagine the disciples deflated, having lost hope and disillussioned. I sense Mary’s grief and she holds on wanting an answer when things dont make sense. She is the first to the tomb and hangs around even when others have left hoping to solve the mystery even if it calls for help from a gardener. God does not dissapoint her but comes through for her. Jesus reveals himself and explains what has happened and is to happen.

    Even for those who might doubt he visits them. No locked door or wall can keep him away. He uses Thomas to speak to me today. To reinforce the power of faith ‘Blessed are those who have not seen but have believed’

    Dear God I take your blessing and decree that peace always be my portion all the days of my life. I thank you for keeping me at peace this past few weeks despite all that has been happening around me. thank you for resurrection power that brings life where there had only been death. thank you that i can enjoy this gift today. May I learn to walk in faith and to put my trust in you that I may always be blessed. In Jesus Name. Amen

  2. I had neva seen the ressurection the way u jst xplaind it but thnx 4 bringin a vivid picture of wh@ th@ event did 4 us koz otherwise i really dnt thnk we wuld b hia ryt now.1s again thnx

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