I Choose To Believe

Often, I want to know exactly how God is going to do something before I believe He will. I want God to make sense. I want Him to dot the i’s  and cross the t’s. I want to know the what’s, how’s and when’s! But God’s ways are not always clear to me. It’s not always clear to me what God is up to. That’s why I like the story of the empty tomb. Mary Magdalene immediately assumed that someone had stolen Christ’s body. But John (aka the disciple Jesus loved) saw the same situation and reached a different conclusion. Even though he didn’t understand that Scriptures said Jesus would rise from the dead, the bible told us ‘he saw and believed’.

I suspect the reason he refers to himself as ‘the disciple Jesus loved’ is that’s what the rest of the disciples called him. And it probably was because he spent more time around Jesus than any of the other disciples and had become his closest friend. There are some people like that – they give themselves so unreservedly that you are drawn to them. I don’t believe God has favorites. He loves us all. But those who hang out with Him and give themselves unreservedly through spending time with Him seem to gain a special understanding and favor. Maybe that’s why John is able to believe when others only see strips of linen and burial cloths!

Like John, in my own generation, I want to be known as ‘the disciple Jesus loved’. Lord, help me to stay so connected to You that I too will believe the impossible and see the invisible. Right now there are things that I’m trusting You for that defy human logic and provision. And though I don’t have a clue how You will do it, I choose to believe it. AMEN


5 responses to “I Choose To Believe

  1. Lord open my eyes so that I can see you in spite of my feelings, situation; in spite of my fears and failing, open my eyes so I may see you my risen Lord, my friend, My Father.
    Baraka Tele!!

  2. Hey Passi, thanx for the work that God is doing thro you! In todays dilect..God keep blessin ya meeinnn!!!
    I am at a point where I want to believe the impossible and see the Invisible. Please help, I have a nephew he is now 1 and a half years old. He was born with a complication in his right kidney. My parents put alot of money into tests and seeing doctors and now the conclusion is, He has to undergo four surgical processes. A circumcision,a urinary duct procedure and two in the urethra. All this costs a foot and arm and both legs!!there is no insurance cover. Apart from that he also has anemia.
    The boy has been energetic all the while, playing like other kids and the kidney is functioning well all the same, but why would a small boy like him go through these procedures at such a tender age? My mother, father and I have prayed for the boy, God has to come through. Don’t you think? I still and forever will remain a firm believer in Christ!

  3. I also like the i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed when it comes to my life. By nature I’m a planner. I live by: God helps those who help themselves, which can sometimes, ok most times come off as super self reliant. I don’t know where to stop and just be, just trust, just believe. That’s probably why the sermon on buffet spirituality really disappointed me. I believed that all good is from God now I don’t know what to not believe in. After all what is the difference between claiming the promises of God vs. positive affirmations and creating on the inside before it is revealed on the outside? But I’ve always consoled myself that life is about learning and relearning, I just have to be careful about which school I go to, right?

  4. @ Believer in Christ that is a super testimony, staying connected no matter what. I stand with your family in prayer for your nephew. Please keep you life group(if you are in one) updated on this so that they can stand with you at this time. Our God is a healer and a provider as well there is nothing that is too hard for Him.

    @ Wangari tell me aobut it! That has been my desonance all week and thank God for my LG meeting on Sato where I got the encouragement to know that everything that comes my way must pass under the scrutiny of scripture. If it does not pass then it is out totally!

    Baraka Tele!!

  5. This is one of the reasons i keep coming back to Mavumo. you are so real. Some of the questions you are grappling with are similar to what I struggle with. Thanks Pastor Mureithi for keeping it real.

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