Truly Living

It was William Wallace, made famous in our day through the epic movie ‘Braveheart’, who supposedly said ‘every man dies, but not every man truly lives’. Every Christ follower was created to live for a purpose so big that it’s not just worth living for, but ultimately worth dying for. That’s the only way to truly be alive… everything else is just existence!

It’s clear that this was the way Jesus lived his own life, and that he believed enough in his mission that he was willing to die for it. And in the crucifixion story, the bible shows how ancient prophecy was fulfilled at every step. In other words, even in the darkest moments when the mission called for Jesus to face death, God was firmly in control.

Lord, thanks for calling me to live for purpose and for the joy that has brought in my life. Help me to embrace the challenges that come with following Your path willingly, knowing that as long as I’m connected with You, You are firmly in control. Thanks too for what the crucifixion means – that God in the form of Jesus took on my sin in order to provide the only way possible for me to truly live. AMEN


One response to “Truly Living

  1. my life has been hectic the last couple of days – many new things happening to me. just settling into a new job and also having projects and proposals to deliver on. thus – havent blogged as much. I have been reading however so let me see if I can update on what i’ve been learning.

    John 19 – The cruxifiction:

    We see Jesus indeed going like a sheep to the slaughter. He did not resist, fight back, complain or grumble. vs 17 he carried his own cross to his place of cruxifiction. Its amazing how its the happenings and events around him that give testimony to his truth and that became his defence. John talks of the sign that pilate defiantly put on the cross proclaiming Jesus king. The soldiers fighting over his clothes. The fact that no bone of his body was broken, his side was pierced and all to fulfil scripture. We also see a dignified burial fit for a king – with choice spices and careful handling of his body.

    Dear God everything belongs to you and when you are at work things come together and work together to fulfil your word. Open my eyes and let me see when you are at work. May I learn to read the signs and be a witness to miracles happening in our days. May I also be a willing participant who can extend my time and resources to lavish you (represented by your body – the church and the poor and needy around me) with worship as Joseph and Nicodemus did. In Jesus name. Amen

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